This vs the new Si

Discussion in '2007 Foose Hemisfear' started by Spyder757, Nov 5, 2006.

  1. I'd take this if it had an Si powerplant in it.
  2. We're talking about the 200 hp production Si? Versus this 540 hp hemi-engined, carbon fiber-clothed beast? Seriously?
  3. anyone got a pic of the Si?
  4. Normally I would dismiss a post like this as a joke, but the stupidity of the masses can never be underestimated. So please reply to your own post and reassure me that this is a joke.
  5. OMG no wai. I wud totelly wunt teh SI, becus teh stoopid amerikin rednek engine wud blew up like woah LOLIMOROFLMAOBBQSTFU!
  6. this in a second.
  7. You've said all that needs to be said, so I won't add much more. I mean, seriously, I thought I saw the worst of it when I saw a comparison post between a Honda and a Holden Monaro (spell check, please), but this is even worse...
  8. Nothing can beat Vt3c yo.

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