This Vs. Toyota Supra Turbo

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  1. HAHAHAH americas fastest 'pickup' beats one of japans finest 'sports cars' in the quarter.. check out the stats if u want. And please no bs about modified supras etc, of course you have to modify a supra to make it fast as hell, and im not even against that, supras are sweet ass cars when put together properly, but my point is that supras must be modified in order to kick any ass, because... well they just suck stock, like a lot of other imports.
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    Well see if and when the production model comes out which one comes on top. But personally i think its a rather stupid comparison because when Dodge designed this truck never did it cross there mind that they need to beat a supra rather they wanted to beat the Lighting which they wont succed in.
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    Ram would beat a supraT stock to stock. 1/4mile anyway

    This ram would clearly beat a stock lightning to, the new lightning close.
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    Well yes i realize they had no intention of trying to beat a Supra, they intended to totally demolish the SS, and the Lightning, and they already did that, i just wanted to bring up the point that it also beats one of the most recoginized japanese sports cars, that all teens just LOVE, with their other imports that they hail to. Well that sucks guys, because america kicks your ass, with just a damn pickup truck.
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    where the helll did a supra come in aganst a truck with a v10 in it??? they never intended to beat a car with an inline six what they cleary wanted to do was demo the sport trucks from chevy and ford witch it seems they have done
    the comercals and ads for this truck are gonna be fun
    "worlds nost powerful truck period."
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    the ssr is clearly not a pickup truck other than it has a "bed" if you will call it that, altho it is cool, the lightning is a light pickup truck thats fast, and this? a heavy duty pickup truck thats faster than both if dodge really wanted to they could probably find a way to take 500lbs off this car and it would easily beat the new lightning...
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    this is the most badass truck ever it even beats some sports cars but it was meant to compete with chevy and ford so called performance trucks. and it is no longer a concept dodge is starting to mass produce then and the 0-60 time is off is is really 4.8
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    I wouldn't bring mine to the jobsite- although the torque would be great for towing........hmmmmmmmmm
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    in the quarter....
    like they give a shit.
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    oooo... if i ever went into drag racing, i'd use this truck to tow my drag car. hehe... i could drag the truck once in a while too
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    HOW DO U COMPARE A V-10 TO AN I-6???? If they had the same size engine it would be a fair comparo but the dodge has 4 more cylinders workin for it! that aint fair n yall know it!

    Now if u know nething about Supras, they aint very hard to soup up...
    -Greddy twin turbos
    -Stage 8 racin engine w/ 1200 HP (YEA 1200 HP...look..... )

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    My Lightning (when it was stock) beat a kid's 97 Supra T (not stock). He double clutched and everything. The Srt is faster so it can definetly take the supra.
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    why can't you compare the two?
    its two different aproaches to power
    F*ck your crying bullshit waaa if my supra had four more cylinders blah blah blah
    well it doesn't
    so shut up about it
    if you know anything about this truck you would know that you can get the same twin turbo mods on this as you can on a viper therefor again beating your supra:
    on Kazaa there is a video of this Supra modded to hell that still only runs a 12.71 (serach toyota supra vs. Mclaren F1 Drag)
    they really aren't that fast if you still want to be able to drive them on the street
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    Sports car vs a Truck? please thats fu cked up.
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    As much as I love this Ram SRT-10, and I really do, its a stupid comparison to put it against the Supra. Of course this sweet truck is going to blow the doors off the Supra.
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    i like supras thats y i have it as my display pic normally i think pickups as high in horse power, high in ground clearence,heavy,slow and bad handleing but i guess this pickup changed my mind

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