This vs. Vanquish

Discussion in '2002 BMW M3 GTR Straßenversion' started by kav, Dec 20, 2003.

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    Vanquish would not stand a chance. this is like a racing street version. compared to the Vanquish, which is more of a luxury, sport version.
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    but what would you rather have?
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    BMW any time.
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    what are you smoking? you cant compare these cars. the vanquish is a GT car, the M3 GTR is a race car. of course the Bimmer would win on the track. Id take the M3 for a weekend car, the Vanquish for long trips (ie, Grand Touring)
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    i dont know what vanquish u guys are talking about,but the vauquiish i know would describ it's behind to the BMAh
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    power is almost the same between the V8 BMW And the V12 Aston Martin. However the Beamer weighs ALOT less and would easily win on a strip and even easier on a track. However i dought the GTR is a legal street car so for driving purposes id take the Vanquish.

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