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Discussion in '2002 Lotus Esprit V8' started by Murtaza, Oct 20, 2002.

  1. What do you think?
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    Z06 win.
    don't compare any car to Z06,it is too special.
    end of the story!
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    i say we get together, get both a Z06 and a Esprit, two pro drivers with tons of experience and make em do a couple of 1/4 mile runs. then, and only then, we shall truly know.
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    Why don't we make those two drivers drive a course with actual turns in it too?
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    Esprit is better handling and has a better power to weight ratio so it is fact that this car would out accelerate the zo6 although not by much. and on a track the esprit would win because it is a lotus and is therefore race bred.
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    why such a small V8 drop and LS6 in there and it would a monster (not a stock LS6 a Lotus Version)
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    I would take This just cause its European and rareer. But speed the Z06 would win except around a track.
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    I'd wager that the Z06 would beat this car around a road course.
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    youd lose your money
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    It would be a damn good race.....<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    I dont get it Lotus Acheived so much more than the Corvette tell me what car can go against the Elis GT1 from the chevy factory? None it will out handle your Z06 in every way. The Z06 can run a striaght line nice but then shit starts flyin from the motor and you never finish the race pathetic aint it. Also imagine the pussy you'll get in this. And imagine the pussy you get in the z06 now tell me what girl wouldnt want a sexy car like this then the z06. Girls dont give a shiat about speed they only look at the exterior so add the score up for yourself for the performance and the chix you'll know who won and if you still dont believe me then shut up...

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    Better handling, comparable acceleration? I'd totally, choose the Esprit any day, then I'd urinate on the Z06, and take off before the owner could catch me.
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    Clearly, the Z06 would win. It does 0 to 60 in about 4 seconds while the esprit V8 does it in 4.5. As for the track, I don't think Lotus is really into racing, but Corvette C5R does great in sports car endurance racing. Top speed doesn't matter because you're never going to go over 145 mph on the road anyways, besides the street legal versions are probably speed governed. Even so, any difference would probably not even be able to be seen by the naked eye.

    Besides, why the hell would I want to buy an import that's probably going to break down on me and have to pay all kinds of money to get replacement parts from Europe. Forget that.

    The Esprit V8 can kiss my ass, American Muscle may not be the fastest, but who the hell cares 'cause the rumble of that big Detroit V8 is the best sound on earth.
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    Um, it's generally the other way around, only the parts cost less but you have to replace a whole lot more.
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    "i dont think lotus is in to racing" fair dooze but they run their own one car race series to check out new bits on lots of the cars. the lotus esprit really is far more of a race car than a z06 ever will be. it has better suspension, its lighter with a stiffer chassis etc, and also the c5r is a race car u cock suede, so why did you bring it in to the subject, bowell banger.
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    There's no need to get nasty with me buddy. Maybe you should work on your grammar because I don't understand what you are trying to say. You should express yourself more clearly. There's more variables than just having a lighter chassis involved in defining which car has better performance. American cars are made for the 1/4 mile, while European cars are made for the track. And as I said before, the Z06 will go 0-60 in 4 seconds (3.9 according to some sources) flat while the Esprit will do it in 4.5 seconds because it does not have the same amount of torque. So on the street, the 'Vette will win. As for the track, I really don't care, but no one will ever know unless the test is actually done by two pros on the same track for a certain amount of laps.

    And about the whole car parts thing, I'm right. The Z06 hardly needs any maintanance (just regular service at GM dealers) while some European sports cars (like the lotus) are finely tuned machines needing constant maintanance and need to be brought to specialized import speed shops for service. While I'm out enjoying America's sports car, stuck up snobs with no taste and too much money are sitting on their ass waiting for their Lotus to get fixed. And when it is fixed they don't even drive the thing because they're too delicate while I'm beating the crap out of a Z06 having a blast.

    And when I mean "some European sports cars" I exclude Porsches
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    (sorry for the nastyness) yes the z06 may be faster to the 1/4 but on a track where the lotus is designed to be run it would lose. i said lighter with a stiffer chassis not a lighter chassis your just twisting my words. its like a go kart, with very stiff chassis and suspension and 0-60 in 4.5 is fast enough to beat the z06 because it wouldnt need to speed up that muck out of the corners due to the fact that it wouldnt have to slow down much. its so american of you to say that you dont care about track racing and also you dont buy a supercar for reliability, fair enough it helps but you sound like it breaks down every 300 miles or so, thats rubbish and you know it.
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    Fair enough about the track thing, but don't think I'm American just because I don't care about the track. I happen to be Canadian and drag racing is not my thing. I happen to find it very boring to watch but it's the only thing someone like me can do on the street where speed in a straight line, reliability, and looks are the only thing that matter. And looks are not arguable because everyone's taste is different. That's why I prefer the Z06. I won't even bother with the whole price difference thing either because that's not a factor. I would still buy the Z06 if it cost more than it does now, but that's just my opinion
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    arent there any tracks that do open/track days?
    failing that you could go down some quiet country roads and test the limits to a certain extent.
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    --------- Top speed doesn't matter because you're never going to go over 145 mph on the road anyways, -----

    Not so, look at Germany, EVO magazine were testing cars to 200mph.
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    it depends on the track

    if its got heaps a long straights the z06 would kick ass

    but the esprits got an advantage in corners...
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    Z06 MIGHT win, i'll take the lotus
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    Are you saying that American cars are more reliable than imports??
    Anyway, the fact that the Corvette C5R is doing really well in endurance racing and the Lotus Esprit is not raced a whole lot, but that has no relevance to this comparison of the two street cars.
    Howver, I would take the Esprit for two reasons, gorgeous looks, and Ilove a well-designed turbo engine.
    To add to this, the Esprit went 0-60 in 4.3 on Top Gear, making it a smidgeon slower than the Z06 to 60, and in the quarter.
    Therefore, the Esprit might lose a little lead on the straights, but it would smoke the ZO6 around the corners. And it does it while okking oh so fine...
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    Well it's been a while since I've taken a look at how much my original post has gotten bashed. I've never driven an Esprit V8, but I have driven a Z06. So I can't compare using hands on experience. Now all you idiots that have insulted me can kiss my behind unless you have driven both cars on a track and on a drag strip. I don't enjoy being insulted and called names. This is supposed to be friendly debate over different cars.

    This simple with looking at the specs for 2004:

    Z06 more HP (55 more)
    Z06 more Torque (105 more)
    Z06 more displacement (135 more)
    Z06 weight 3086 lbs (????? for the lotus)
    Z06 skid pad pulls 1 G
    Z06 0-60 3.9 sec (0.6 seconds less)

    Fact is, the Z06 might have a bit of trouble going into turns compared with the Lotus, but the superior torque of the Z06 will bring it out and back up to speed no problem. And if there's a straight, watch out!!!!!!!! Oh! and hopefully that little poor excuse for a V8 in the lotus won't heat up too much. The clock's winding pretty hard and red hot for 213 CI too pump out that much HP. This isn't F1 racing, you can't just go replace your engine after every race in the real world.

    The Z06 is often compared to the 911 turbo, never the Esprit V8
    And just wait for the C6 Vette to come out. Who knows what surprise they'll have in store. Esprit V8, havn't heard from them in about three years, are they still actually in business you think? Just kidding!!!!!!!!Relax!!

    The fact is that nobody in this forum has convinced me that the Esprit V8 is a superior car in any way. You'll have to come over to my house with one. I'll take out my neighbour's Z06, and then we'll have to go find a couple pro drivers and go for a spin. Otherwise, PISS OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Speaking of American V8's....
    This vs. Z06

    Alright you might wanna slap me after i say this but oh well....PLEASE TELL ME THAT THE LOTUS DOES NOT AVE AN AMERICAN V8 IN IT. with the money/power hungry america buying so many european car companies, i wasn't sure if they'd start using american parts. i aslo thought that i heard somewhere that astom martin has a american v8 in it. is this true? What about jaguar- do they also have any american parts. I'm really only concerned with the lotus, cuz the used ones can be pretty cheap and dads a sucker for a good deal- but i don't want him to touch the thing if it has any american crap in it-

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