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Discussion in '2002 Lotus Esprit V8' started by Murtaza, Oct 20, 2002.

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    Too special? why becuz its american, right?

    That's what I thought. I choose this car in a blink, the ratios would bolster a huge top speed.
  2. Speaking of American V8's....Re: This vs. Z06

    That American crap you're talking about is a hell of a lot more dependable than those British brands you just mentioned.
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    He probably did not mean it was too special because it was American, but rather because it's faster, more affordable, and more dependable than most other sports cars. And by no means am I putting down other cars just because I'm blowing a little sunshine up the Zo6s behind. I respect any good sports car, wherever it's from.
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    shut the #$%# up
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    What a novel concept! Then the Esprit would win. It might win at the dragstrip too, it goes 0-60 in 4.4 seconds, the Z06 does it in 4.1, and the Esprit is turbocharged, so it will pull ahead in the 1/4
    M-GT1, I say, don't ever compare anything to the Z06, its too crappy!
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    americans are too patriotic for their own good you wack enormous tarrifs on a car that could make their people so damn happy, why because its not american. i dont think lotus should bother selling this car to you lot in america, you dont appreciate good shit and thats for one reason its not american, and i'm not just talking about this car but any car especially european ones.
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    these damn brits r gittin on my damn nerves... the Z06 would smoke this piece, and it costs less 2. . USA and Z06 the whole damn way.

    and this carguy8007 dude... novel????? wat the #$%#??? ur a queer
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    Simply put the z06 would win. Did you kids even read your report on the esprite. It has trouble launching and should only be driven by a pro. Also look at the z06's skid pad. By the way you don't even need a z06 to beat this thing in a straight line. I saw a mustang with some good work done to it vs. a esprite with some good work on it race. The stang kicked the crap out of the esprite. Also look at the lemans. Corvette never breaks down, its the most relaible car there!

    Displacement does what technology can't. GO FAST!
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    damn straight
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    good skidpad numbers and good handling are not necesarily the same thing.
    I have not seen any skidpad numbers for the esprit, but I'm fairly certain with similar tires, it would win.
    yes the corvette has more power, big f-ing deal. power does not mean shit in a real race.
    I have seen a 110 horsepower MG whip a mustangs ass, and I beat a porsche in a damn volvo with koni yellows on a back country road.
    I'll take a lightweight chassis and driver skill against HP any day of the week, and win 6 times out of 7 too.
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    i don't get why people compare everything to the Zo6
    it doesn't matter if its better or not
    its always the same people sayin "american cars suck so #$%#chevy cuz they only make cars for straight lines"
    the Zo6 has proven that it can put up a hell of a fight on any track no matter how many turns

    but it doesn't matter because no matter how much proof there is noone is gunna get past their stupid bullshit bias opinions so #$%# it
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    Esprit would wreck the Z06 on a twisty course. On a drag Z06 probably just. On a race track the Esprit would probably win. Overall I would go for the Esprit.
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    the esprit for racing. i think british cars hav a bad rep for reliability, but its more dependant on luck.
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    Leave it to Lotus to pale in comparsion. Lotus is a special breed, they are NOT world famous car builders, they are a specialty market, tageted company. They do not out perform the competition, they go in style. I am not a favored lover of the Lotus line ups, but those who are no that they are a all around jolly good time so to speak. There British-like and American type combo. Good autos, but for the dollar/pesos/yen/lb/ or any currency, you could go farther, but not really smoother. I would not own one, but I not agiast them either.

    The Killer
  15. I must admit many people here are idiots...

    The Lotus Esprit is a car designed in the seventies that sells so few it's a wonder they still make it. It's outdated.

    The Z06 will hand it it's arse no matter what way you look at it. Do any car magazines even bother comparing the Esprit to anything these days? No.

    The Esprit would not stand a chance against a Z06, no matter what you're comparing: braking, acceleration, handling, or blunt lap times. I don't need to justify this, anyone who knows anything about cars knows that the Z06 is like a god. Give it a real car like a Viper to compete. The Esprit, though a nice car, is not a competitor to a Z06. It's more of an eccentric niche sports car.
  16. LMFAO, hahahahahahahaha

    This has to be one of the funniest statements I have ever read in my entire life.

    "As for the track, I don't think Lotus is really into racing"

    especially that line^^^
  17. Actually this is one of the funniest threads I've ever read.

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