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Discussion in '2008 Nissan GT-R' started by confusedshus, Oct 18, 2007.

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  2. Didn't MT spark this topic? In terms of price, it's supposed to compete with the Z06, but it's aiming at two different types of people. Both are fantastic cars, it'll be interesting how they'll coexist in the US market.

    I'm pretty sure MT will do a trial test comparing the GTR with its "alleged" competition. It's already been seen with a Porsche 911 Turbo on the track.

    What else do you think they'll bring in to test against the GTR?

    So far: Z06 and Porsche 911
  3. ur teh winur
  4. Z06 roof would fly off and GTR would beat it around ring
  5. Teh GTR has a better interior, and would therefore be faster to 250mph.
  6. I think the Z05 can hit 300mph.
  7. why do u keep posting this same thread on every supercar
  8. Because the ZO6 is the best comparison car, even for the Veryon.
  9. Veyron loses, too much traction.
  10. It depends on the roof.
  11. You do know the roof is meant to do that once maximum acceleration is reached right? This allows less weight for better handling and improved .cd :D
  12. the Z06 will smoke the super ricer car until the Evo version be launched
  13. Wutever, if you mean teh z06 will be on fire from teh roof cummin' off and making teh GTR all smoky, YA UR RITE!
  14. Evo version????
  15. This thing just raped the ZO6's time around the ring. It got a 7:32 according to Motor Trend which is a lot better than the ZO6.
  16. wait NVM i was a few seconds off. It got a 7:35 not 32 which is still 7 seconds faster than the ZO6. Its also 3 tenths faster in the quarter mile. I'd say for the money this thing is a out right beast.
  17. V-spec 7.25ish vs that new vette 620hp 7.40ish
  18. that time was a mfr. estimate

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