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  1. Finally. This would beat the Z06 but took a long time to get to this.
  2. You are also comparing that to the Z06. The new super Vette will have about 650HP. And it is very doubtful it will weigh any more than a z06. As far as mid engine design being vastly superior, tell that to the mid engine cars in ALMS/LeMans that got beat many times by the front engined C5-R/C6.Rs
  4. Gremlin
  5. and this is the word of the Lord...Amen
  6. well, wait till that comes out, then wait another ten seconds for some one to post this vs. FXX, then you can TRY and make a sensible point
  7. Well look at that. realcarsarehandmade smelling up the indies.
  8. this thread would beat both of them
  9. Thanks for some sanity
  10. The lambo superleggera and the GT2 are NOT the Z06's main rivals because they are much more expensive. The Z06's rivals are the new 600hp viper, the ford GT, and perhaps the new Shelby "super snake."
  11. I'll take a GT3 over both please.
  12. No way, my 1995 Ford Windstar would PWN both of them, no challenge. haha...yeah i drive a manvan, so what! it was free!
  13. A Zo6 wouldn't beat a regular F430 around a track, let alone the Scuderia.
  14. Let's not kid ouselves here: the new Z06 "Blue Devil" or "ZR1" will NOT be faster than the F430 Scuderia. This super-vette will have a supercharger and 620+ hp, so it will probably be faster than the Scuderia in a straight line. But in the corners, the F430's lower weight, better weight distribution, stronger breaks, higher downforce, and stiffer suspension will leave the ZR1 in it's wake. The ZR1 will be good for tire-smoking fun, but the Ferrari will be MUCH faster around a racetrack (especially the nurbugring).
  15. UH the Z06, no way the F430 Scuderia is faster, it will roll it up and SMOKE it like a blunt. besides the F430 scuderia is faster around Fiorano than the mighty ENZO!!!and no stock Z06 can compare with an Enzo much less this F430.
  16. i saw that test. the Z06 beat it by a second and a half on the circuit.
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    On paper, the Z06 Corvette is the best car here. It accelerates as quickly as the 911 Turbo through the quarter and wastes both the Porsche and Ferrari at speeds above 120 mph. How about 0 to 150 mph in 17.7 seconds? That's up there in Ford GT territory, if not as stupid fast as a McLaren F1. The Z06 has the most grip at 1.01 g and the best braking performance. On an autobahn, it was still accelerating while the Ferrari was topped out in sixth gear at 186 mph. Around our road course, it was an easy victor, 1.7 seconds quicker than the Porsche on a near-76-second lap. It does all this for about a third of the Ferrari's price. The Z06 is the best performance value in the world, period.

    all u euro fanbois can stfu the z06 is legit
  18. 430 would eat the Z06! All of Scuderia Ferrari's heart & soul has gone into the car!
  19. I hope your right about that, because the ZR1 did a 7:26.4sec. around nurburgring. If and when it does better than that time it will no longer surprise me, just from knowing there's also Formula 1 technology infused into it, as well.
  20. Well said and love your view point but, however the F430 Scuderia surely has a long road ahead with the ZR1s time of 7:26.40sec. too beat around the 'ring. Not too shabby for an American vehicle, from a company that likes to implement its designs to its vehicle line-up.

    Although, the once-upon-a-time GM and President of General Motors, Rick Wagoner wanted this "super vette" or "Blue Devil" too be made. Simply, because of making a $70,000 vette he put it as why not make a $100,000 Corvette.
  21. Grip is grip. Those Vettes do grip like mad...

    Lap times are pretty definitive too, and the Corvettes have outdone Ferrari.

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