This vs. zonda s

Discussion in '2005 Edo MC12 R' started by binjamin, May 5, 2006.

  1. hard to say
  2. Both hard to say but I Preffer zonda
  3. Both are awesome and both have supreme performance, but I'd give this the props.
  4. Why not the Zonda F?

    Either way...the Maserati and the Pagani are both gorgeous cars, with high-class interiors, and breakneck performance.

    I like the Pagani personally...
  5. pagani, mos def.
  6. This. Appearance, heritage, and performance, I prefer this. Not bashing the Pagani Zonda S, but I much prefer this.
  7. Zonda. Still pretty sweet tho.
  8. Zonda. Still pretty sweet tho.
  9. Zonda. Still pretty sweet tho.
  10. The original MC12 is faster than the Zonda F around the ring
  11. yeah, but what about the zonda r...6'47....

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