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    hmmm... I'm going to go with the 10.0L Boss on this one, it has the proper number of cylinders. And as far as sticking to a track if it's decided the Mustang can't corner I'd step into a Saleen S7. Another beatiful example of a Ford V-8 at work.
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    Yeh and I'm King George the 5th.

    You and your piss ant, truck handling, boat anchor (yes i'm reffering to your pieces of sh!t vette and carmaro) #$%#off. okay.
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    i would choose the skyline anyday. the potential of the RB26DETT is like never-ending. and whoever said the 2F2F R34 would beat the BLITZ R34 with minor tuning is probably on some pills or just plain stupid because the BLITZ R34 is one of the best examples of a skyline today w/o the paint and crap but the 2F2F R34 is crap. i'm sorry to say. it is a skyline yeah but the first time i saw i almost threw up. its crap. stip it back all to stock and keep it away from that 50 year old white guy. i'm not saying race means anything but he totally screwed it up. a nasty c-west kit and 3 bottles of N-Xpress. only pumping like somewhere around 600hp. sorry but thats crap. it got beat by a pink S2000 in SportCompactCars 2F2F test. that is sad. anyways i would choose the skyline anyday over anything.
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    don't support the japanese, they are just out to take over america.
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    now here is an example of a scared little boat anchor lover, if you think japan is trying to take over america they would of done it in WWII okay #$%#head.
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    someone ban him
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    damn...i'd have to say either the gemballa or the ferrari. im talking about where it counts: on the track. i know that japan has done well in previous le mans, but i have to say that they cant touch european or even american cars. you can put enough mods into any car to make it fast for a straighatway. but the track is the true test of skill and finesse, which i dont believe the skyline or any other japanese car.

    disagree? lets have a conversation.
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    Gemballa GTR 750 EVO
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    look at the Nurbugring times...
    E46 M3: 8:28
    GTR R33: 7:59
    Porsche 911 GT3: 7:56
    GTR R34: 7:52
    911 turbo: 7:49

    the R33 was the fastest production car around the nurbugring for quite a few years.

    Of course i would prefer a Turbo out of the box to a GTR, but it is still better than any american car or european car in a similiar price range...i mean look at the M3's time.

    and there are new japanese cars coming, such as the V35 GTR, Honda NSX-R, and the new Toyota Supra or 4500GT
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    Someone previously asked what a Dodge-Hennessey Viper Venom 1000TT was.

    General Information:
    Package Price: $--,---
    Layout: Front-Engine/RWD
    Transmission: 6-Speed Manual

    Curb Weight: 3020 lbs
    Height: 43.95 inches
    Width: 75.7 inches
    Wheelbase: 96.2 inches
    Front/Rear Track: F: 59.6 inches
    R: 60.6 inches
    Engine Type: Twin-Turbo V10
    Displacement: 8424 cc
    Bore: 4.03 inches
    Stroke: 4.00 inches
    Valvetrain: OHV, 2 Valves/Cylinder
    Horsepower: 1492 bhp @ ---- rpm
    Torque: 1550 lb-ft @ ---- rpm
    Rev Limit: 6000 rpm
    Performance: 0-60 mph: 2.0 sec
    0-100 mph: 4.9 sec
    1/4 mile: 8.91 sec @ 148 mph
    Top Speed: 250+ mph
    Lateral Acceleration: 1.16g
    Braking 60-0: 99 ft
    Slalom Speed: 77.1 mph
    Gas Mileage City/Highway: -/-

    Modifications Over Stock Viper:

    * Engine displacement increased to 510 cubic inches (4.03 in. x 4.00 in.)
    * Forged Aluminum Pistons
    * Steel Wrist Pins
    * Forged Steel Rods
    * Off-set Machined Stock Crankshaft
    * Coated Rod Bearings
    * Balanced Rotating Assembly
    * Twin Garrett Ball Bearing Turbos
    * Front Mounted Intercooler
    * Polished Stainless Steel Inlet Tubes
    * Silicone Intercooler Hoses with T-Clamps
    * Stainless Steel Turbo Headers
    * Stainless Steel Turbo Down Pipes
    * External Wastegates
    * 3 in. Stainless Steel Exhaust System
    * Ported/Polished Cylinder Heads with Stainless Steel Valves
    * Upgraded Valve Springs
    * Titanium Retainers
    * 3-Angle Valve Job
    * T&D 1.7 Ratio Shaft Rockerarms
    * Hardened Pushrods
    * Upgraded Hydraulic Lifters
    * Upgraded Fuel Injectors
    * Upgraded Fuel Rails
    * Upgraded Fuel Pump & Fuel Lines
    * Upgraded Fuel Pressure Regulator
    * Centerforce Clutch Upgrade
    * Mobil One 15/50 Synthetic Oil & Mobile One Filter
    * All Necessary Gaskets & Fluids
    * Air/Fuel Calibration
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    vipers are awesome machines...but did you really need to include the oil in the mods list?
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    Hey, Futher Mucker, where did you get that info?
    I mean, 8.91 sec 1/4-mile times and 1.16 Gs of lateral acceleration from the same car seems impossible, no matter how much power.
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    Do you just say that because you recently saw 2Fast 2Furious?
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    why did they have to make such a horrible, horrible movie?

    it is an insult to other film makers, the cars, and humanity in general, and is a sad reflection on western society
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    You said it was good in other threads.
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    how much did it cost to make this piece of crap make this much power? okay, you got the amount? now take that and put it into a viper, vette, mustang, camaro, or firebird and what have you got? something that will get you killed with it's speed.
    things japanese cars don't have
    5)non-retarded drivers
    6)pure rear wheel drive

    It's not right to compare the acceleration of an all wheel drive car to a rear wheel drive car
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    Jap cars can't use huge capacity engines, as fuel is about 4 times more expensive over there than in america.

    That means they use smaller capacity engines in lighter cars to get similiar power, but with a trade off in torque.

    quality? check any owners survey...the japanese cars almost invariably win.

    speed? a GTR does a 12.8 stock, and 12 flat with a freer - flowing exhaust and ECU remap.
    The fastest GTR did 383.3 km/h, and a Supra did 402km/h at bonneville, before a tube framed chevy beat it. pretty impressive for a stock chassis.

    you number 5 point isn't worth a response.

    pure rear drive? what about the supra, silvia, 180SX, 350Z, 300ZX, S2000, NSX, Soarer etc etc?
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    See, you get it, he doesn't.
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    THIZ CAER IS A PeiCE of shit. It fo' nisdsan #%$s who like kok.nissadn make shit cars yo, the qwent out a bussiness befrore Audi bailed them outr.

    My tuned taurus[pic here] can bet this peiec of shit.

    its got

    -Xspeed supercharger
    -FSR exauts
    -RacingV XR+ air filter,manfold,intake
    -UVS clutch
    -10.9 litre ford "BOOS" V8[from tha' boss mutang]
    -F2R gerbox[3-speed auto]
    -1088 HP

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    heh heh, HA HA! Taurus, you just lost, and don't try to be black unless you truly are.
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    I would take the Skyline after thinking about it for about 2 seconds.
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    I would take an SRT-4 and spend around 4,000 on mopars, dodge SRT-4, after market parts. Then I would spend an additional 3,000 on other things here and there. Than I can keep up w/ an unresricted NUr.
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    whats this idea that the GTR is restricted? it isn't. Like most cars, the tuning isn't optimal (to conform to emmisions standards, poor quality fuel etc.)So significant gains can be made by simple bolt on modifications. This does not mean it is restricted.

    The SRT - 4 is a FWD POS, an american civic if you will. The bodykit is also hideous. You may be able to keep up with a GTR in a straight line, but come the first corner and the GTR will be off into the distance. The GTR also has far more potential for streetable modifications (i.e. a 10 second GTR can be street driven without too much trouble, i doubt the same could be said for a 10 or even 11 second SRT)
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    sorry, but I am infuriated with the massive stupidity reeking from this post.
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    Yeah, its more like 1.10 on the skidpad, and BTW it could beat the Blitz, easy.

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