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    Those aren't real companies. The car you have pictured looks to be a skyline of some sort[you can tell by the lights on one of the pics] badly mutilated by some paint program. What the hell is Ultratune? You are a big, huge, cocksucking #%$. Go play with your "BOOS"[sic] V8 mustang model[which may I add, as with all Mustangs, is a massive piece of shit.] Take a damn typing class. "gerbox" "manfold" "exauts"
    "mutang" are you even out of diapers yet?
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    there really isn't a point to list the hennessey 1000tt here. i mean i like vipers a lot and this car would be astounding. i actually have never heard of this car since last time i saw 800tt was the highest, so maybe this is a special request car or one that he made to keep up with lingenfelter. in any case.

    you would never take this sucker up past 250. you know why. it wouldn't be very stable and aerodynamics. this is really a theoretical number (same with lingenfelter and hennessey); as respected as both of these tuners are, it takes a lot of time and money to wind tunnel cars to actually make a safe car up to these levels. this is not really such a simple task. these speeds were probably calculated using data from the the length of the gears and power.

    a car of this magnitude cannot handle that well. this is just really impossible.

    the dodge srt-4 is a good car! i like japanese vehicles a lot and i have to say that dodge did it right. its got a nice displacement engine and they've actually made the necessary adjustments to the neon block to make a good car. have you ever cracked one of these engine blocks open? its really quite good. i can't really find signs of them going cheap on this car and the mods are very cheap for the car. its a very competitively priced car (matching mustang gt st8 line performance for considerablly less). have you seen the size of that intercooler? to compare it with a civic is just nonsense. however it cannot compete with a skyline.

    you guys like like all that's been done to this car is ENGINE mods. perhaps you fail to see the aero pieces, interior, and other modifications that fall outside the range of the engine. blitz is a PROFESSIONAL tuning company; this is a show car that happens to be very fast to display the kind of quality products they make and what they can do with it. for the rich customer, they can also make this car for you. this means this car probably wears every conceivalbe blitz product (other than wheels and a few others); this is pretty much a moving catalog of blitz parts. they dont half ass it and figure out the cheapest way to crank out quick quarter miles on this sucker. they go all out. for you information if you wanted to be cheap about it, the skyline hsa probably one of hte best engines to modify out of all the cars.
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    ok i found the 1000 tt on a website. it had pictures and i distinctively saw that it was indeed tuned by hennessey. however you #$%#ing lied in your thing. i found the EXACT website where you got your information, becuase the mods were in the exact same order and the pictures were the exact same as you posted. therefore you lied because i just did a look there and HERE are the REAL specs.

    Package Price: $--,---
    Layout: Front-Engine/RWD
    Transmission: 6-Speed Manual
    Curb Weight: 3250 lbs
    Height: 43.95 inches
    Width: 75.7 inches
    Wheelbase: 96.2 inches
    Front/Rear Track: F: 59.6 inches
    R: 60.6 inches
    Type: Twin-Turbo V10
    Displacement: 8424 cc
    Bore: 4.03 inches
    Stroke: 4.00 inches
    Valvetrain: OHV, 2 Valves/Cylinder
    Horsepower: 1092 bhp @ ---- rpm
    Torque: 1150 lb-ft @ ---- rpm
    Rev Limit: 6000 rpm
    0-60 mph: est 2.2 sec
    0-100 mph: est 5.3 sec
    1/4 mile: 10.0 sec @ 145 mph
    Top Speed: est 250 mph
    Lateral Acceleration: 1.06g
    Braking 60-0: 110 ft
    Slalom Speed: 75.1 mph
    Gas Mileage City/Highway: -/- (this is the website i got the information on and where he did as well)

    besides hennessey is getting rather notorious for doing poor work on vipers. there have been numerous claims and even lawsuits against him for not delivering on performance. many owners have had to do serious engine work on their cars after racing their vipers just a few times. even car and driver has acknowledged this fact when they tested one of their cars for having bad customerservice.

    besides why get a hennessey when you can get a heffner viper or a SVS viper. the SVS crumbles even the 1000 tt. its got like 1500 hp? and i believe they have a twin turbo package for 1700 hp. of course traction is a real issue with vipers in general. you cannot really run these cars at all without slicks. even with slicks this much power is a problem. with this much power i dont even know why you still have independent wheel suspension. you might as well rip it out and get a stiffer rear end entirely if you dont want to destroy your chassis when running.
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    I have 2 questions, first about how much does this car cost? second, whats teh redline for this thing, if it goes 850 hp at 9300 im guessing hte redline is around 10000??? or do you have to pass redline which crazy cuz i would never do anything to mess up a great car like this.
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    Would it be cheaper if I bought in japan and does it HAVE to go through Motorex if i already bought it in Japan?then imported it??? I need to know the price of R34 GTR, The R34 Blitz,R34 Veilside and how much it would cost to import if i dont HAVE to do it by Motorex, cuz 90,000 is Crazy, thank you
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    look at these this is a 1000tt
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    i would take the gemballa its my favourite car on the planet and it has a very very good topspeed and accelerating time,i would definatly take the gemballa
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    Yeah the Boss is lets face it....da Boss but it wasnt in one of the choices. Skyline all the way baby!
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    the mustang boss is no good quarter mile takes 10.55 sec
    there r modified supra which can take quarter mile for 6.81 @ 194mph the hks supra.and the supra has a better top end speed than skyline
    1993 supra turbo 0-60 5 seconds
    2001 nissan skyline 0-60 5.4 seconds
    and if ur talking about accelleration ill take the evo on the skyline
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    ppl underestimate Civics, they also underestimate the handling of a viper...

    And for the price, the two i mentioned are far better in every aspect... You can get used Viper GTS's around here for 40k. I bought my CRX for 500 dollars. I could argue this all day...
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    Admit it! Skyline is crap!
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    A skyling and a viper and a lamborghini thats all i need to kill supras, hondas, ferraris. storng enemy forces dont with
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    Ya but sir...U forgot that skylines are crap!!!!, and I rather take a corvette or a viper , hey what about A Turbo Buick...ALl these are very much preferred over a skyline!
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    All you know that the Dodge Hennessey Viper Venom 800 TT could kill this anytime, anyway, anywhere.
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    Check this out if no one has seen it...

    GTR R34 kicking a Porsche Gamberlla 600 ass...

    Download the GTR vs Gambella clip, there is also some other cool clips like the GTR kicking a Lamborghine.. man its all in the middle east by the way..very funny...
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    Thats slow, my grandma runs faster!
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    i think that a callaway corvette sledgehammer would win out of all of the cars u peeps said
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    i think that a porsche 911 GT3 looks hell of tight
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    YA it would it has the highest top speed, but theres a Pontiac Firebird I believe that hold the fastest Top speed with still the original body! I believe the speed was close to 300 mph(Once again I saw this somewhere on a forum on, dont remember which forum!)
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    but that skyline was modded and got a head start!. gemberlla on the other hand got raped!. those guys from the middle east kick azz they got a since of taste not like america were the answer to imports is CORVETTE!
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    does anyone actually care about crap yank tanks they suck no matter how much horsepower they have they still reek of bad engineering shit engines and no class

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