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  1. Re: THIS WEBSITE IS GAY!!!!!!

    you but #$%#ing cock sucker!!!!!!
    this website is onbe of the best around!!!!!
    and if u have just put these #$%#ing gay threads up on just the dodge viper pages, ur a #$%#ing dickhead!!!!!
    i hate people who brag this and that because of there own thoughts.
    if u think im a #$%#ing dickhead, heres my thoughts:
    the dodge viper is a #$%#ing excellent car, id love to own one, but it is not a supercar, it is a new generation american muscle car! it has a massive V10 in it which makes it magnificent. but the true supercars is any early model ferrai and to an extent an eary model prosche. cars like skylines (yes my favourite car), supras etc. are not supercars either they are street cras. they look mad and have extremly well tuned engines. my definition of a true supercar is a high performance racing car, which can be street legal (eg. ferrari f40/50, lamorghini diablo)

    so there are my thoughts. if u don't like it, i don't give a shit cose there my thoughts and thats what i have to say

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