This will probably make you think again!

Discussion in '1998 Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR Straßenversion' started by alexchu, Aug 10, 2002.

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    Like I said... let the rich have it
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    clk gtr because it looks better handles better because it is in le mans and it's also got a unbeatable 0-100miles 5.7 and very good 0-60 3.4 and about the top speed try 380km/h without the speed limiter!

    is mclern f1 worth 1million if so it worth 1.5million
  3. this car is ment for speed
  4. i do agree that the interior does not meet the high price charged but i think everybody would agree that the exterior really makes up for the interior and the speed you want.that one is the coolest one man
  5. Id take a group of Ferraris over this german POS anyday.

    I really hate german cars! Actually, more of just Benz and VW. porsche and beemers are ok.

    (yu think i hate germans, ill tell yu why i hate their cars.....the holocaust..they used benz trucks to kill thousands of jews.)
  6. This German POS would take almost anything ever made. Period. 1/4 in 9.4?! Come on, you don't have to love it, but be realistic. HAHA and you like Porsche but not VW even though they were the same company in the 1940s? Here's a history lesson. Ferdinand Porsche was jailed by Hitler's gestapo so that he would work for the government. Mercedes benz at the time was owned by the government as the Auto Union along with Audi. BMW made Nazi fighterplanes--that's where the pinwheel logo for the company comes from. Ferrari, incidentally, was spawned from Alfa Romeo, which was subsidized by the fascist Benito Mussolini. These car companies during WWII were not the same privatized companies that they were before or after the war. It isn't fair to hate mercedes now because of World War II, just as it isn't fair to hate all germans now for WWII.

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