THIS would cream it

Discussion in '1999 Dodge Charger R/T Concept' started by 2win2urbo, Jun 5, 2003.

  1. the chevrollet corrvette callaway C7 would give this a 10 minute head start and would catch up on it in less than 15 minutes evry doge sucks exept for the vipers
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    You dont know what your talking about.
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    uhhh duh, thats like "a viper would soo CREAM a cavilier with a 10 minute head start" This charger will own over mustangs/camaros, it'll do just as it did in the 60's.
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    go stand in a corner and cry, dunce
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    Ok, first of all the C7 can kill many many cars. Its basically aftermarket if ya think about it. Plus, it costs a HELL of a lot more.
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    Though Dodge won that battle, the Mustang has this in the BAG. By the time this SHOULD come out (rumor is 06), the Mustang will already be back in Cobra form with maybe around 400-450 horses. Add to that a likely Boss version and the Charger will have its hands full, as will the C6 Vette. The 05 Mustang will have 200 horses, the GT 300, the 06 Cobra ATLEAST 400, and IF they bring back the Boss around 350-375. i hope they also bring back the Mach 1 for 06 with around 325 horses.
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    True but consider the price ranges... i just feel that a 340hp charger, the 325hp camaros, the 300 some horse mustangs etc, are all in the same range, where as a mustang with 400+ is a step ahead... almost as if it needs its own class, i'd consider that up there with a vette. The new mustangs are AWSOME, i cant wait for the 05's i believe thats the new body style? Anyway, guess we'll have to see what dodge has to say about them later on... there IS the viper, but with the price tag of almost 90k it's not exactly in the same class as a mustang, even if it's the 400+ mustang i'm sure it doesnt cost nearly that much.

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