this would fly!

Discussion in '2001 Dome S101' started by FORDFORD, Sep 15, 2003.

  1. 900 kg and 440kw? dang!
  2. Re:

    no way it can fly and i seen cars go faster than that.and by the way those dodocars are illigal because there was a accident that occur that
    killed the driver of the dodo car so after that happen they put the project out of business since that dodo car crash(which i think was a car that look like a pancake jaquar)i beleave this happen in the 30,s or
    40,s. so i don,t think this car would fly.
  3. It wouldn't fly, you idiot! To much downforce!

    (slaps fordford in the back of the head like in the 3 stooges)

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