This would make Enzo spin in his grave.

Discussion in '2002 Ferrari 456M GT Scaglietti' started by twincam, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. For extra $30,000 you can now get your personalized Ferrari has totally gone away from producing race cars for the street to producing custom cars. Enzo hated the fact they had to put weather stripping in his cars that these "pre-madonnas parked in their garages and never drove".

    Just give me a god damn race car, and if want a pretty sticker, and gray paint I'll get an Integra!!!And navigation system? Whoever gets lost on the way to the icecream shop?<!-- Signature -->
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    It's "prima donna", you dink.<!-- Signature -->
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    i totally agree with ya there twincam, if i wanted all the luxury features i would go for mercedes or somehting, if i wanted a race car for the road i would get a ferrari, making a road racer into a luxury car kinda screwes up the whole concept of light and fast<!-- Signature -->
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    agreed, but its not just Ferrari.

    A toyota emblem costs over $200. The plastic ones. Where is the logic?<!-- Signature -->
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    It brings money to Ferrari, so who cares, if you don't like it then don't buy it<!-- Signature -->
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    I agree with twincam, it just isn't a proper ferrari.
    They should have made that personaisation and luxury stuff with the Maseratis, at least there it wouldn't look (too) outta place.
    it's nice, but aint ferrari.<!-- Signature -->
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    At last somebody who understand something about Italian cars. CouldnŽt agree more with You.

    Thank You
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    I'm going to have to agree with Ferrari F60 on this one. This particular Ferrari is a very nice car and is built to compete in the same class as the older Lexus SC, the Vanquish, DB7 Vantage, and the Merc CLK and CL. Just because the Ferrari automobile corp has been built on a very large list of world renound racing championships, doesn't mean they can't explore new and more profitable horrizons. Look at the Porsche SUV, for example. Ferrari is still keeping with tradition. Haven't any of you guys seen spy shots of the F60? Now that's a racecar! I think they are using a modified F1 block, like the F50, but then again no-one's sure.
    (featured in Evo, Car, and Road & Track. Possibly Car & Driver as well)<!-- Signature -->
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    Look, the 456 has four seats. It was never intended to be a pure sports car. And for those of you who say that Enzo would never have produced a car like this, look back on Ferrari history. I think you will be amazed at the number of luxury cars, actually chassis, that rolled out the doors intended for use by movie stars and high rolling clientel, not for racing but for everyday driving. Anyway, I think 'yall are just pissed that you will never be able afford one. There, I said it. If you don't like it, turn the other way. Don't buy one. But don't bad mouth it
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    You are right. I can't afford one. If I did get one I would have to sell my house and live in the car. So maybe the rear seats, fancy stiching, dual tone paint, and navigation system would come in handy. I could sleap in the back and could use the navigation system to find my way to the welfare line.

    It is my dream to have a Ferrari one day, and one day I shall have it. But what I want is a pure racer, for the track, but if it can be driven on the street, that much better. I used to consider Porsches, but now, cause of the SUV, it's just not the same. I understand that's where the $ are, but to a true enthusiast, the maker is a sell-out.

    I might be 60 years old by the time I can afford a racer, but so what. Who said 60 year olds have to drive Buicks. Look at GG Liddy; he's got a 650 HP Vette ZR-1, and a Harley with a V8, and he is in his 70s.<!-- Signature -->
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    in 60 years time there wont be a single supercar maker left that hasn't diversified, so you're kinda at a loss there. as has already been said in this forum, ferrari are hardly moving away from there racecar origins with this car. sure, they've added a few unnecassery bits, but this was never a race car in the first place, it was a GT. and it's not the first GT ferrari have produced. And if enzo saw the F60, he would ...well....not spin in his grave, quite the opposite!<!-- Signature -->

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