**** THIS *****!

Discussion in '1987 Ferrari 408 Concept' started by Nimbokwezer, Aug 10, 2002.

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    Oh please, this car was smoking 1000hp lingenfelter vettes back in '02... long before the great war if you little fartknockers know your history.
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    ferrari sucks<!-- Signature -->
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    Don't pay any attention to this queer, he's an ass. I love how it says BANNED under his name.
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    **** YOU MOTHERFUCKER SONUVABITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    you're a jagoff #%$got butt!
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    No wonder you are banned..this might as well be the most mature post in this thread, but give Ferrari credit for trying something different, no matter if it is a concept or not. Look at the F50 and the F60 Enzo, those are both very different and original designs that did make it to production and are both awesome supercars..this could have been too, but alas it is left to the imagination as to how good of a Ferrari this would been..
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    ferrari doesnt suck u flaming #%$, u have no taste in cars
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    Don't pay any attention to Wakka Wu. He's just a little pissed cause he knows he'll never get laid (except by his dad)............and he'll NEVER own a Ferrari! Hahahaha!!!
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    listen wakawwwuwu#$%#er ferrari burns any other car so #$%# off, but i have to say that ferrari missed with the 408 concept and i hope it stays a concept. VIVE LE FERRARI
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    Wakka Wu? ill remember that post next time you attempt to put together a cohesive arguement for yourself in another topic

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