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  1. I actually just got to fire my first AR15 variant. Direct, not piston. But I also got to fire my first Tavor.

    The Tavor is going to be the next big thing. The rifles trigger kinda sucks, but there is next to no recoil. It also has awesome balance and with a good optic will amazing. I used Iron sights from Magpul and they sucked.

    Very impressed, and will probably purchase one. I see them getting more popular states side.

    (also fired glock 17 gen3 and XD9)
  2. Damn those weird people who want shit like that lying around in their house, and damn that weird national state of mind that makes it acceptable.

    Then again, you are better prepared for the zombie apocalypse than the rest of us.
  3. Laying around the house? I'm going to be taking it with me to work.
  4. Listen up guys! there's this new carbine and it's going to be the next big thing! I looked it up on the internet and the rifle the military uses now is like 50 years old and invented by a stoner. Man you guys, technology. I mean wow. man. The future.
  5. You're a kindergarten teacher, aren't you?
  6. Not sure if trying to be funny or not.

    I'll continue to go to the range every few days because I can afford to have fun like this. You do whatever you want.
  7. Well IMI doesn't have a reputation of churning out crappy products.

  8. Can you stop a train with a gun?
  9. can you stop a gun with a train?
  10. Probably. I'd like to try.
  11. Provided that you hit the fast-moving target and use a large enough caliber to get trough that thick glass, yes. It takes some time before the automatic braking kicks in (depending on the train type).

  12. The Tavor isn't going to be the "next big thing".

    People have been claiming that about bullpups since the 1980s.

    If the Steyr AUG didn't do it then nothing will.
  13. What's wrong with bullpups?

  14. Nothing is wrong with them. They're an interesting design that allows them to be really compact, but they do create extra restrictions and regulations due to the short barrel that keeps most enthusiasts from giving too much of a damn. They're nothing new.

    I think what walper meant is that this gun will be the next short term fad, so if you wanna make a few bucks, buy one, have fun shooting it for a year and then sell it on for more than you paid later when gun people do that mentally retarded thing they do where they jack up the prices on everything and people mindlessly pay it.
  15. steyr aug is the best gun
  16. Short barrel?

    I thought the whole point of a bullpup configuration was to fit a longer barrel without adding to the overall length of the weapon.
  17. Yeah, if you're playing CoD: Black Ops
  18. Cs 1.6
  19. By moving the magazine behind the trigger group, it definitely offers that capability. But these are designed first and foremost to be urban assault combat weapons, so they are made in barrel lengths that are suited to military use. The end result is that in order to pass barrel length restrictions, they have to be redesigned to have longer barrels, not the other way around, and so many manufacturers don't always do that for the civilian market.
  20. I see. What sort of restrictions are there in your state? I kinda see the point of these, since a drive-by with semi-auto handguns is a whole lot less lethal than the same thing with short-barrel assault rifles and submachine guns.
  21. More than 16" barrel is legal for someone who is not legally prohibited from owning firearms. Less than 16" is legal for someone who pays additional monies for additional paperwork and scrutiny. This applies to any rifle and shotgun as far as I know, not just bullpups.
  22. In the United States the min required are:
    A rifle with a 16" barrel and an overall length of 26 inches
    A shotgun with an 18" barrel and an overall length of 26 inches

    A rifle is defined as a weapon with a stock.

    If you want to have a firearm shorter than what's listed above it must be registered as either a Short Barrel Rifle or an Any Other Weapon / Destructive Device. Lot's of paperwork and long waits with the ATF.
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    What's your best group on target shooting from a distance of 300m ???
    The best semi auto rifle is the m1a in the super match version fitted wit ha harris bipod and a leupold m4 scope you can have a sub moa accuracy and get less than 3inches on 3inches group from a 300m distance. Of course black hills, corbon or winchester 308 nato ammo is highly advised.The 308 nato beats the 223 in accuracy and knocking power.
    The glock isn't bad and neither is the XD9 but if you want the real thing get a para ord black ops p 14-45 or pro custom p14-45 or pro custom p16-40 Para offers a lifetime warranty and that is important when you buy a gun.
  24. yeah, when i go shooting i always shoot from 300m. off hand with gangsta grip.
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    So a bigger bullet is more accurate on long ranges and has more kinetic energy?


    And are you absolutely sure that no better rifles have been designed since the 50's?

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