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    My tax dollars at work...yayyyyy

    Pretty crazy when you imagine the damage in the first video on the scale of the second, especially when you realize there was no good reason for the destruction of the city.
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    i love artillery

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    That's a PzH 2000, a really good piece of self-propelled arty. The rate of fire is about twice the rate of the old American M109 with vastly better range and accuracy.

    Whatever comes out of Krauss-Maffei and Rheinmetall is pure quality. Probably that's why even the Amurrikans and Israelis use Rheinmetall cannons on their tenks.
  4. I can tell I'm with children as they talk like full auto is boss.

    You do realize that good shooters don't use full auto. The ONLY reason someone needs to send rounds down range are to suppress enemy while you advance or retreat. Last time I checked, that was military or hillbillies.

    I got bolt action for distant accuracy, now I'm looking for a short sub 100 yard paper puncher.

  5. Go away mr. obnoxious, this is an artillery thread now. I'm not sure anyone here cares what sort of rifle you purchase.
  6. Ok, my bad. Keep talking about things you will never have.
  7. Why would I need to own a 155mm artillery piece in order to discuss it? Where is the logic in that?

    I also don't see why do you seem so butthurt if you get an indifferent/negative response to what could be only described as infantile bragging. You went to the gun range and consider purchasing an assault rifle. And? Want me to suck your dick or what?
  8. i have a gun question. has gun technology peaked and we are just in some kind of refinement phase? like people still commonly use a handgun designed in 1911 so i assume nothing drastically better than that has been designed
  9. Depends on the definition of "gun technology".

    The M1911 hasn't seen military use in 20 years but it's still a common choice for hobby shooters mainly because its pedigree.

    Cars still use wheels and that's a pretty old invention. As are air-filled rubber tires. Or the otto cycle reciprocating engine.

    Several modern bolt-action rifles use a loading & firing mechanism very similar to that developed by Dreyse in 1824. Basic bullet shape, cartridge casings, propellants and such haven't advanced much since WW2.

    Metallurgy and material sciences have come a long way since then and that shows in better barrels and lighter weight due to composite materials. Ergonomics has found its way to gun design as well. Today's bullets are more accurate and better optics and electronics allow for much-improved sights/scopes that add previously unseen capabilities to a weapon system. Of course, this is valid only if you consider the sights as a part of the gun and not a separate entity.

    During the late cold war several manufacturers experimented with new gun designs. There were flechettes, caseless cartridges, electric propellant ignition and ridiculously high rates of fire. None of these radical designs (the H&K G11, for example) found their way to production due to their complexity and reliability problems, things usually associated with new techs, but things that are a no-no when it comes to choosing a service rifle for conscripts.

    If it ain't broke, don't fix it. A chef's knife goes all the way back to medieval Europe but it's still a good design. Cutting ingredients with fancy ceramic contraptions would be more high tech or high power lasers (even more high tech) but less practical.

    So my answer to the question "has gun technology peaked" is a no. New designs pop up now and then and with advances in other technologies old inventions resurface (like the gatling gun or the smoothbore cannon).
  10. If i want an mg42 it better has full auto.

    Pew pew pew
  11. i think flechettes are interesting

    speak about them
  12. I think you are being sarcastic
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    Mkay then (I have trust prolems)

    They can be used in a bunch fired from a large-caliber gun or shell or individually fired from a sabot. APFSDS is a good example of a flechette, the small-arms variants are similar but smaller.

    The advantages of individually fired flechettes are:

    -Good range

    -Good armor penetration (a flechette fired from a standard 7,62 or 5,56mm rifle would penetrate any personal ballistic protection with ease)

    The disadvantages are simple: poor energy transfer. During the ACR program when they tested these weapons on live pigs (yes, weapons are still tested on live animals), and in many cases the pigs didn't even seem to notice they were hit by a flechette round.

    A shot from one is nearly always a clean trough-and-trough. Of course, the pigs later died from internal bleeding but this suggests that a soldier would remain combat capable several minutes after a hit (which isn't ideal). There were also some reliability issues with the sabots and the flechette rounds are more expensive to manufacture than standard rounds.
  14. negative.... the Beretta ARX160/100 is the best

    I've fired the Aug on several occasions, firing pin broke after a few hundred rounds.
  15. lol
  16. Poor pigs
  17. May I ask why this sudden interest in military tech? You're not usually the kind of guy who's into details.
  18. me
    yes i am
  19. and i like the stuff you write and the videos you include and i am disapointed when there is no videos
  20. The M1911a1 hasn't stopped seeing military use since 1911 (or 1924 since that is when the current 1911a1 was released). It is used by Army Special Forces, US Navy and US Marine Corps groups.

    The MEU Force Recon (as well as the more recent MARSOC) famously uses the M45 MEUSOC, and has so since 1985. It is a popular gun to clone in the civilian market.. since it is basically a Frankenstein M1911 and looks cool... at least it was, new Colt M45 CQBP's are now in the mix. First time a true Colt M1911 pistol has been issued to a GI in nearly 3 decades.

    "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" is right, and it has kept the M1911 alive in the US military (in rather small scale compared to 92FS).. that and because no one has really designed a pistol that is as shootable (low axis bore, prefect grip angle etc.), reliable, accurate, concealable, and with the same or better 'punch'.. The Marine's have frames still in service with over 500,000 rounds on them, and many go near 100,000 before a rebuild.. that being said many are saying the Colt M45 will be the last iteration of the M1911a1 in the US military, but who knows.
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    There are plenty of match rifles that rival or better the M1A you mentioned (including smith enterprise version). I have heard range reports of the FN Scar 17s matching the accuracy of a match-grade M1A.. they run around $2800+ now, similar to the M1A.

    As for the M110, it is more a collector's item in the civilian market than anything, because of the prices they command. An actual military spec M110 will run you like $12000, an M110 SASS sniper system/kit will be over $25,000.. for $5500 you can just buy a KAC SR25 EMC.. or just have a clone made for even cheaper.

    The LaRue OBR/PredatAR, Lewis Machine & Tool MWS, SR25 EMC, SCAR 17s, LWRC REPR, Les Baer Monolith.. that is a handful of known semi-auto tack drivers.. (my choice would be either the SCAR, LaRue or M1A.. touch choice really.. I like the MWS too..).
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    There are several grades of 1911s the most expensive being:
    nighthawk custom
    oly arms
    strayer voegt infinity
    Bul M5
    Ed Brown
    The 1911 design has been the mandatoru of the us forces for 75 years, it still has a lot of potential whether chambered in 40s&w,38 superauto or 10mm. It still dwarfs glocks which are strike fired and doesn't offer much shooting pleasure nor a crisp triggerpull. My favorite very high end 1911 is the STI Perfect 10 with 18 cartridges of 10mm auto that is the highest capacity of 10mm cartridges in a whole gun not to mentio na firepower superior to the 9mm para and the 40s&w
  24. I prefer the galil ar in 308 nato more accurate and far more reliable. Also very honorable mention for the m1a supernational match, excellent accuracy over the 500m with match rounds.

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