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Discussion in '2002 Acura NSX' started by canasn, Jan 22, 2006.

  1. The car does need to be remodeled. But for a car designed in the 80's, it still looks amazingly modern
  2. Designed in the Eighties, yes. But technologically, still modern. The NSX is the thinking mans supercar, with an appreciation for science and quality of construction, rather than just raw figures (EVO magazine timed 0-60mph at 4.8 seconds anyway).

    When Bugatti was designing the EB110, the engineers had a prototype running with an aluminium monocoque structure but found it lost torsional rigidity faster than a steel or carbon equivalent (the production cars featured the latter). I have never heard of such a problem with the NSX; Honda persevered to conquer the engineering problems of aluminium, avoiding costly carbon fibre and heavy steel. Likewise, the suspension system is built out of aluminium, as are parts of the engine (which also features titanium).

    Over a decade on, Jaguar is rightfully shouting about the aluminium structures of the latest XJ and XK...
  3. Looks are subjective, and in my opinion this still by far one of the most increadible cars on the world market today.

    Why not try putting an 'underporforming' new NSX on a race track and see how many cars will outlap it?

    Even now, 15 years after the original release, few (if any) cars can match the NSX's combination of straight line performance, dynamics, looks, interior presentation, build quality, reliability and day to day drive-ability. It's this combination of values that has always made the NSX ever more impressive.
  4. I have a few friends who run trackdays with their respective NSX's whenever they can. One thing they say about it is that
    "It is not a better track car because of the engine or the brakes. Not because of its relative slowness compared to some of the newer performance cars. It is a better track car because of its ability to inspire unshakable driver confidence in any situation, no matter how fast you are going."
    Having driven one of their cars only once, I'd have to say I agree with Dan. (the person aforequoted) The feel of the car in almost any situation is reassuring, positive and yet dead neutral at the same time. It just felt really really good.
  5. the NSX has always been kind of ulgy to me but hey...just me.
  6. nice looking car even though a neon srt-4 would beat it lol!
  7. I love this car...... very sexy looks, great power awsome car 9/10 =)
  8. Well balanced car, looks are ok, but i think its problem is its pricing. Too many competitors at that price range. The two top sellers at that range are Mercedez SL and Porsche 911.

    This car use to be the same price range as a corvette. Some say it was even cheaper than a corvette. So why it went up so high? The NSX just seems to be overpriced to me.

    Well anyways rumor has it they are remodeling it because they secretly heard about Toyota making a all new Supra or some Sports car. Hope its all true rumors because its time for these to companies to make mark on consumer sports cars. NSX is losing its edge and the SC doesn't really perform much.

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