Threat to Italian Grand Prix now over

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  1. Great news!!

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    Threat to Italian Grand Prix now over
    Compromise of over noise issues at Monza
    12/04/06 12:19

    A serious threat to the running of September's Italian Grand Prix has now ended.

    With the recent noise restrictions in place at Monza, it appeared likely that the historic venue would not be permitted to allow the Grand Prix to go ahead.

    According to local reports, however, a compromise has been reached that will reduce the year-wide ban on noise of more than 70 decibels to just 37 days - enough for Formula One and F3000 to still take place. F1 cars peak at about 130 decibels.

    La Gazzetta dello Sport wrote that the regional Council of Lombardy unanimously amended the ban that had originally been approved by a Milan court.

    Interestingly, the Le Mans Series cancelled the round originally scheduled for 23rd and 24th of September. 'A Tribunal Order has ordered the circuit to skim its calendar, starting with the noisiest competitions,' they stated.

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  2. Out of all people in the world to complain about noise, the screamming/waving/gesticulating italians should be the last.
  3. There are like only 4 familes that initiated the complaint.....who moved to the region in the mid 90s....when the track's been there since 1922......
  4. Hahahahahaha
  5. Yeh, the people that go live near the airport here are the same kind of annoying complainers. It's been there since forever, and they decide to build a house there and complain at the government for the noise. it's so arsebackwards.
  6. The same thing happened to Laguna Seca a couple years back. Stupid whiners. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/angry.gif"></A>

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