Thumbs down.

Discussion in '2009 Aston Martin V12 Vantage' started by DownwardSpiral, Feb 5, 2009.

  1. On those wheels. Ugh.
  2. Yeah, there bad.
  3. Not meant for a Vantage
  4. OMG another DB9.

    And it has ugly wheels too
  5. Love the idea.

    Don't like the execution.
  6. Love the car, not too crazy about the wheels
  7. If you can afford the car, you can afford new rims.
  8. Stupid philosophy.
  9. A true one though.... You don't like it... buy some more lol
  10. Looks like the rimes on the new Accord
  11. I agree. if you can afford teh car, you can get any wheels you like. I dont' mine them, however, but I'd probably get new ones. other than that, this goes straight to the top of my desirability list (not as pretty as teh DB9, but more aggressive, which I like).
  12. We agree on almost every automotive topic.
  13. Wow, the car looks great! The wheel's are not as great though. The five spoke is a good way to go but they don't seem to match with the car. I think this car is a great idea, but good luck selling any more DBS models. I mean the thing has the same engine, a lighter frame, and you know it's going to be less expensive because its a vantage. Even though I absolutely love the looks of the DBS, I don't think that that would be enough to persuade me into spending an additional 100 grand. I would rather spend the money on new rims, which wouldn't be a problem if I owned one of these.
  14. i like the wheels
  15. would look nice with a set of Lexani LX10s. or a set of black 6 spokes...
  16. Because you're my second account.
  17. BAN!
  19. If they make this, it'll slaughter the DBS cos of more power & it's smaller & lighter!
  20. its basically a DBS soul in a vented Vantage.
  21. Yeah, sucks to see this happen like that, I mean its Astin-Martin for peatsake!
  22. I'd get one but change out the wheels for something from BBS or Iforged or the DBSs wheels, perhaps.

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