Time for a replacement?

Discussion in '2002 Ferrari 456M GT Scaglietti' started by Ferrariplaya, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. I know that this car is the most beautiful ferrari produced for ages and probably will be for a long time but next to the 360M and 575M it's starting to look a bit old, especially under the skin. i think ferrari should give this car a make over....not touch the exterior(maybe add some fixed headlamps though), but design a new V12 engine, a fresh interior and rework the chassis a bit because next to the opposition it's now a bit slow....and probably the worst handling ferrari by some way. i know it'll never be as nimble as a 360M or 575M but i think ferrari should try and get the 0-60 time below 4.5 secs instead of worrying about trying to get a nice shade of grey paint. <!-- Signature -->

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