Time-Lapse Map of Nuclear Explosion Since 1945

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    Someone did an awesome job with this presentation.
  2. kinda cool , wish the dots had represented magnitude as well ...
  3. Old as fack!
  4. Yeah, That would be great.
  5. Someone should make a timelapse of world borders since ~3000 BC
  6. that would indeed be nice
  7. I saw this more then a year ago...
  8. The US/Soviet tests follow a distinct pattern. Watching it on time-lapse video is sort of comical.

    1.USSR and USA agree on a test moratorium

    2.USSR violates moratorium

    3.USA detonates a shitload of bombs

    4.USSR detonates a shitload of bombs
  9. That would be interesting but very hard to make accurately and would probably need more than a few history experts. The maps in 3000 BC were kind of crap, honestly.

    Even today nobody really knows where the border between Yue and Qin was and that was just a couple of hundred BC.

    Only one thing is certain: On that map the borders of Great Britain would spread like AIDS starting from ~1650.

    Hey SuperSonic, wanna make a new video?

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