time to get Contact lenses??????

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Aych Es Vee, Dec 26, 2004.

  1. i'm going in on wednesday to get contact lenses. But overall, how long does this take? I know they have to make a mould of your eyes and stuff i think.

    Does it take days or weeks? or would i have them by the time i leave my appointment on wednesday?
  2. most now are soft. jelly like. They dont need to make a mold, they usually have them stocked. when i got my eyes checked and they said they were bad, they had to send out to make the glasses, but they had the contact's on hand, so i got them right away, wore them home. some people dont like putting them in or taking them out, and leaving them in too long or while you sleep and your eyes get scratchy. overall, glasses ar easier, but contacts arent bad at all
  3. My sister got a trial pair the day after her first visit.
  4. hmmm, sounds good.

    I just wanna have them to watch the fireworks and go out while in sydney
  5. Contacts are awesome...had them for about 6 months now and they are much better than glasses in my opinion.

    How bad are your eyes? For a higher prescription like mine they have to send in an order and wait for the people to make it plus if both your eyes have different numbers then once again they have to send in an order...

    I'm gonna try to get colored contacts soon so let's see how it turns out <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/emoticons.html"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="http://speed.supercars.net/pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A> Contacts are awesome.
  6. what should i do, but contacts and sun glasses, or buy a paid of perscription sunnies?
  7. I got my glasses on the same day i went, would that most probably mean same deal with contacts you think?
  8. there is no need to make a model of you eye, as aequitas said there are jelly like. but you have to be very carefull with them when there are in you hand, also be sure to keep them clean and at the begining its a bit of a pain in the neck to put and take them of, i use contacts so any question i would be pleased to help
  9. metal monster, eh?
  10. I'm getting kinda' sick of glasses, but contacts sound like a hassle and are yucky...
  11. why?
  12. How long do they last?
  13. That depends on how bad your eyes are, usually they have lenses in stock. But if you have some special problem they might have to order special ones.
  14. Touching your eyeball?
  15. Make sure you get the dailys...
  16. The hell? They never made a mold of mine...
  17. Oh no...TOUCHING THE EYE....thats so gross!!!!!!!

    wtf, pussy.
  18. maybe i heard wrong then
  19. it depends of the model, there are some that last 3 0r 6 months or even a year, mines only last a month each pair
  20. Nah, I don't have those. I just have the bi-weekly ones.
  21. Glasses have saved my eyes so many times. Then one time some jackass fired a gun next to me and the shell went between my glasses and my eye. Burned the skin and melted my glass a little. Fun stuff.
  22. This is the thing I like about glasses. I've been saved a few times myself. I'm afraid if I got the lazer thing I'd start wearing sunglasses to stay safe and look like an asshole (cuz' only assholes wear sunglasses - fact...)
  23. or perhaps people protecting their eyes from the sun??
  24. Yeah dude, I have been wearing contacts for over 10 years. I started out with gas permiable lenses (hard), and just about 5 years ago i switched to sof, they feel amazing. And since there are so many companies that make them, when you get your exam done at your optomotrist, they will probably just have your prescription in a box on the shelf, and give you some. I dont know where you heard of this eye-mold thing...I have never had such a thing. Its really simple. The best part about sof lenses is, you really dont even notice them after probably 4 or 5 days. And even before then, they don't hurt or bother you, you just notice them...like you can see the edges, and it just seems odd. But go for it, you will love them.
    I still wear my glasses alot, but only because they are really stylish, and i have been really freaking lazy lately, any my girlfriend likes me to wear them, she seems to put out more when I do...so that's good.
  25. If you're such a pussy why the hell don't you just walk around in a protective bubble?

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