Time Traveler Caught in 1928 Film

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    This sounds pretty crazy but there is no explanation.

  2. Was he driving a PT Cruiser?
  3. People on SCN who would believe this:

  4. Homero
  5. Jay
  6. Pretty sure he's already lying in a ditch somewhere in Brazil (or Argentina? wherever.) or something.
  7. Toothache?
  8. you're probably right
  9. Can you hear me now?
  10. Are you getting a lot of pussy in your PT Chris?
  11. General chat is exactly the same on every forum.
  12. some guy tossing out some crap so he can get some views on his youtube video about his future movies...
  13. I sometimes read Chris Draper's username as "Chris Daiper"
  14. Apparently when time travel is invented we'll still be using phones the size of our hands to talk to other people.
  15. sheeple
  16. Although its only fair to mention that the signal the phone is producing IS traveling through time to its recipient, and not just to a cell phone tower.
  17. could be a time phone.
  18. That explains why its soo big!!
  19. They have LOTS of cell-phone sized things in the future you #$%#S. Ever heard of a tricorder?
  20. What?!
  21. if shes from the future whys she fat and ugly
  23. this is a textbook draper thread
    someone post some cg garages
  24. Never seen someone hold a tricorder up to their ear, is it set to vocal readings or something? LOL

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