Timing Belt - 3 series coupe e46

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  1. I'm looking at an E46 coupe, most likely a 325ci or 330ci.
    i called up and enquired a second hand model that had done 90,000kms/50,000miles. i asked whether it had the timing belt done and the dealer said it was an 'unserviced item'
    he told me that they dont need to be changed. i thought this was a bit odd.....

    anyone heard similar?
  2. Sounds a little iffy to me but I really don't know shit about BMW maintenance procedures.
  3. Just call another dealer to ask for info on regular maintenance schedule.
  4. maybe they run chains....?
  5. How much for? You might as well go the whole hog and get an M3..
  6. They are still about 40k to 50k more expensive here (me and FK live in Aus)
  7. I do too - Melbourne, originally Adelaide.
    Haven't been following prices but I doubt hand models of the same year 330 vs M3 would have a 40-50k difference...?
  8. based on nothing other that instinct i'd be surprised it had a chain
  9. 328's are 25-35ish, 330's are about 30-40k m3's are 65-90

    so yeah dont want to spend too much on a car at the moment. im setting a limit of about 30k... saving for a house as well.

    might even get a 325ci... same 2.5l as the 328 and can get one for 22-27k
  10. I'm trying to remember the last BMW that ever ran a timing belt. Most have had chains. E46 included.
  11. I always thought E46s had timing chains.
  12. cool... so would the tensioner need replacing then?
  13. yes, they do
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    To answer your question, 90,000 kms sounds about in line with Inspection II, which is a common time to replace belts. I just had mine done. Why not open the hood or crawl under the car and take a look? Belts are cheap and easy to replace btw, can be done by yourself in a couple hours.
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    Your serpentine belt for accessories, not timing chain.
  16. It makes no difference if it has a timing chain or belt, they all need to be changed at some point. He's trying to sell you a car. It's a LOT different than changing your serpentine belt. 50K miles seems a bit early to change it compared to the cars I've owned, but it's in your near-medium future. Good luck; buy the best one you can afford and walk away from this one if you need to.

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