Timing Belt - The Forgotten Belt

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  2. Thanks for posting. I was trying to explain to my gf what a timing belt/chain is a while ago.
  3. Definitely something to be aware of.

    Although, I've read that if you have a timing chain rather than a belt, it's generally considered to be a high-mileage (100k-150k), if not lifetime, part. Obviously, if you're getting up in the miles and you know you're going to have all your accessory drive off for some other repair, it's not a bad idea to do it.
  4. that is correct about the timing chains. cars with longer chains (OHC engies) need to be replaced generally between 120k to 130k kilometers.
  5. I should see when mine is due to be replaced.
  6. timing belts are usually serviced at the 90k kilometer interval.
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    Not all the cars are like that. It's in the owner's manual that says at what time and/or mileage to replace a timing belt.

    Take a 2005 Honda Civic for example. In the manual, it says 7 years or 160,000 kms which ever comes first.

    This link will help members to see when it's recommended:

    Edit: A more detail listing here:
  8. And about the timing chain. I never replaced a timing chain on my cars that had one. Heck! my previous 1983 Pontiac Firebird with 300,000 kms on the odometer still had the original timing chain.
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    Damn, it's time I guess.
  10. The worst thing I don't like about Hondas, they use timing belts.
  11. OHV for the win!
  12. How much does replacing a timing belt cost? I've never had to have it done before.
  13. Well, if I recall when I was working at a Honda dealership, replacement included with water pump, all the oil seals with labor was around $500.00
  14. That's certainly not cheap, but it's not as bad as it could be I suppose.
  15. Seems like you have to get out the accessory drive, and anything that blocks your access to it, so you can remove all the accessories or whatever else blocks access to the timing belt cover. That alone is probably 6-8 hours of labor for the removal/re-installation.

    And then the cheap-ish belt itself is a trivial expense.
  16. On AMGrulz's Civic, it should only take 4 hours to do by a TSCM style technician.
  17. Yay, I only have to sacrifice a morning. Not bad. It took that long for my last service.
  18. if it were me I'd just put some plastic explosive in it and run like hell.
  19. It's a Civic. You wouldn't get off that easily.
  20. I'll add more explosive, just to make sure it blows up into millions of pieces.
  21. On second thought, no you wouldn't. You'd just charge me twice what the car is worth then throw a wrench at me when I point out that your labor rates are ridonkulous.
  22. thats the point where I would set the explosives off. also why would you bring a civic to a sports car shop?
  23. Its a race car.
  24. I'm sorry sir but its no 1997 Pontiac Grand Am se.

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