Tinny sounding engine

Discussion in '2000 Ferrari 360 Modena' started by lamboNUT, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. The engine on the 360 sounds to tinny and hollow!
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    Try changing the battery in your hearing aid<!-- Signature -->
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    Hey man,
    I guess you never heard its engine sound...or you might have some problem in your ears!
    It sounds sooo perfect like music in your ears!
    No other cars can make such kind of music!!
    Why care for loudeness of the engine noise....while you can't get such good music for free!!
    It's engine is loud enuf to draw crowd!!
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    are you sure that the car you heard wasnt a Honda Civic with a Ferrari sticker on the back?

    i heard somebody floor one down the street, and it has gotta be the best sounding street car i've ever heard.

    ohhh, sweet sound.
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    This was the last on the list... I made it 2nd.

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    I would have to agree especially compared with a Viper that V10 sounds mean and the Modenas doesn't sound to big at all.
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    Viper sounds like a truck, Ferraris sound like nothing else on this planet. Modena's V8 @ 8000rpm is pure ecstacy!
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    Do you clean your ears every day?Do you need ear aid?Have you ever heard 360modena sound?

    That sound is the best,perfect and beauty sound i ever heard!!

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    You can't even spell "tiny" dipshit,this is one of the best sounding
    engines on Earth!
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    You're comparing that piece of shit viper's engine sound with this,I outa smack you in the face for stupidity moron!
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    iv heard that some guy got the body panels from one of these and stuck them on his honda. has anyone else hear that oram i crazy? if someone has and knows where a picture is tell me!!
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    ever heard of a sports tuned muffler that gives a soft sexy purring sound? thatz what Ferrari did.
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    This is a marvelous engine that makes a marvelous sound,any body that
    thinks this is a "tinny" sounding engine is just dumb.
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    Ferrari V8's have never has a good note

    from the 308 GTB onwards

    probably constricted id say

    Nothing beats the sound of American and Australian V8's
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    You stupid, stupid person! When was the last time you heard a Ferrari 360 Modena? I for one have heard the engine note, and it is nothing short of exquisite. Furthermore, I have a quote from the November 2002 Road & Track issue, on page 76: "Accopmanying this sensation is an egnine note that tickles the ear. It's more than harmonious, it's addicting. It begins as a gentle whir at idle, and as the revs climb, develops into a high bitched scream." You couldn't be more wrong.
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    honestly,i've never heard the sound of the ferrari engine.
    but if u want my opinion,i say that it's better to have one with a smooth sound because it's simply not as annoying as the others.
    now don't get me wrong i love the sound of the M3 engine or the Viper but not for a long period.i mean sure they're gr8 but if keep on listening to the M3 sound for hours i'll have a headache.
    u agree or not?
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    Are you that dumb...

    you cant just stick body panels onto a car and have it look the exact same. You have to do alot more. And yes I am going with "or am I crazy"
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    If anyone knows where Hunnington is I was there driving by the beach and I saw one and it had a very powerful exotic sounding engine. It really sounded great.
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    of course they sound different compare the Ferraris and lamborghini's sound to the domestic "muscle" cars and you'll hear the difference
    Mustang Cobra's have a deep loud sound when they are turned on while the Ferraris and lamborghini's have that sound your talking about.
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    What you probably heard was your gay lovers stomach rumbling. #$%#ing loser.
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    my dad put a tubi exahst on his, and it sounds great.

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