Tinny sounding engine

Discussion in '2000 Ferrari 360 Modena' started by lamboNUT, Aug 9, 2002.

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    On his what??
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    The sound is actually the only thing i like about this car. It doesn't sound "hollow", it's just special, i like it.
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    I seen a 360 Modena today(a dark blue one) and they sound great.
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    They sound mad
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    u should hear the Maranello... Christ itz beautiful
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    What about the Enzo. It sounds so much like an F1 car it's not funny
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    if you think a viper engine sounds good then im sure you'll love how a delivery truck sounds
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    I have to say that all you 360 fans are idiots where I live iv seen a 360 modena and a Spyder they live near me in fact, I also live near a Viper
    The 360 sounds like rusty nails in a tin can they sound awfull they dont have the incredible progresive revs that the viper has they either sound as though the engine is stressing or off but the viper at 3000 revs is just bliss
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    they do sound a bit tinny but there is nothing wrong with it. still a great sounding engine but i prefer the sound of a larger, lower revving v8
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    >Ferrari V8's have never has a good note
    >from the 308 GTB onwards
    >probably constricted id say
    >Nothing beats the sound of American and Australian V8's

    I've owned a 308GTB and it sounded great to me with a 7700rpm redline. But the V8 in my old Firebird sounded strong and nice in a different way.
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    The sound of the Ferrari engine is an acquired taste. The classic American V8 grunt can't be beat.
  13. Lambo has a V12 and ferrari a V8, whats that tell ya?
  14. I will hold back and not say anything to you because if I do I wont be nice - so maybe pull your head out of your ass and then that 'tiny muffled' engine sound might sound much better.........
  15. the Viper V10 sounds like a shitty engine that has no technology or refinement at all.
    The modena is the most insane thing you'll ever hear, it cant be explained.
  16. the ferrari 360 is my favourite ferrari
    i'm not a big ferrari fan BUT the 360 is exceptionaly beautiful and the sound... just awesome
  17. the ferrari 360 is my favourite ferrari
    i'm not a big ferrari fan BUT the 360 is exceptionaly beautiful and the sound... just awesome
  18. MY ASS!!! I rode in a 360 CS around the Nordschliefe. Nothing except a Formula 1 car sounds better. Whats that tell you? You know theres so much I could say to you and prove....but Ill just leave it at this. No thats not true, and your a dumbass.
  19. yeah man, you go do more PROVING shit to people.

    I have a pet elephant.

    there, i proved it to you because i wrote it just there.

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