Tiny engine

Discussion in '1998 Emme Lotus 422T' started by BurnOut3:16, Dec 9, 2002.

  1. This has such a small engine, its only a inline 4 cylinder! what the hell were the makers thinking, i thought when i saw this surely it had a V8 or V10, i am very dissapointed
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    But the engine is from a Lotus Esprit.
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    Wait what would be the point of them putting a huge engine in this car, especially if they can get over 250 hp and lb ft of torque out of a small inline 4?(smaller engine=lighter car)
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    how can a 4 be small for a Lotus when they only make one major car without one (esprit V8 others have been made but ended production)
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    I am very disappointed in you, 260HP for 2.1L, if they put that kind of work into a 4L we would have 500HP easily. this engine is excellent

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