Tips for No0bs.

Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by M4CK, May 13, 2006.

  1. Tip for No0bs.

    Saturday, May 13.

    Last time May 13 was a Saturday was 2006.
  2. lol @ last two posts
  3. Hey guys I'm new to this forum. Trying to open a thread but I guess the moderators won't let me out of my cage just yet. That's al right though. My real name is Ben Brittany I posted on for over 6 years (it's a golf forum). I recently quit posting there because there's too many idiots, I feel like I have some nice things to contribute to this site. So anyways sup to the northwest US?
  4. Welcome. You'll be able to make threads when you reach a certain number of posts (I can't remember whether it's 50 or 100).
  5. 50 for a thread

    10 posts per day until 100
  6. I wonder how many posts I had when this went up.
  7. Did you just decide to start posting randomly or have you been lurking for a while?
  8. Why is big red 天 sign in avatar?

    Is like gweilo who write nonsense on skin and think is cool.

    Next time I show up in punch wife shirt my arm read "happy measurement electricity strong", maybe nobody take serioursly and nobody think is professional DVD sell person.

    So also maybe nobody take your advice how to be "noob" serioursly.
  9. what does his avatar say?
  10. Hi, I'm Bill from Buffalo. I just registered but my account was banned (hence CamaroBill2). Not sure why.

    Anyways, huge car fan here. Hope to continue posting, or do the moderators just ban new members for no reason (seems like that's the case, this place is kinda stale..just sayin!)
  11. suck my #$%#ing dick #%$got #%[email protected] nigger
  12. I don't like your attitude, nor do I like being called a nigger
  13. So u think ur special because you spend alot of time online?

    Where i am from we call you a internet thug .... so please learn to give respect then i might belive you have a job and maybe your own place...

    so far you are living out of your moms basement and you are still a virgin.

    So lets talk cars.
  14. lets talk cars

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