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  1. It's time for me to buy new tires for my Z. Now originally I was going for Michelin Pilot Sports, but at 250 dollars a piece for the rear and 200 a piece for the front, they seem to be a bit pricey. Someone on this forum recommended me General UHP Exclaim, which were way cheaper than the Michelins of course, but a friend of mine has them and he didnt say too many good things about them. I talked to a few people around the place where I work and they've said that Nitto 555s are good cheap tires, I could get them for a 120 dollars a piece for the front and 140 a piece for the back, but I really don't know what the hell I should do. I could afford the Pilot Sports, but only barely, so obviously I'd much rather spend less than more. Please give me some worth while opinions.
  2. What sizes are you looking for and what type of tire?
  3. BFG KDW2
  4. 225/45 R18 - front
    245/45 R18 - rear

    A tire that offers good traction/handling and doesnt wear off too quickly.

    EDIT: Summer tires...
  5. The Nittos will probably be bare by next week.
  6. I was looking at these earlier, they were on the list of discount tires throught the dealership that I work at. For the front they are 263 dollars a piece at 1010tires, through Town & Country Toyota they're 155 dollars a piece, which is a pretty sweet discount.
  7. I would probably get the Bridgestone RE050A. It's cheaper than the PS2 and virtually equal.

    Edit: I don't know much about the Toyo T1r but Toyo makes good tires and it's less expensive than the others.
  8. A lot of it depends on the deals you can find but I'd stick with name brands.
  9. Maybe you should go for Bridgestones.
  10. That's what came stock on my car, and honestly, I'm not a fan.

    Toyo T1R is the tires that I wanted to buy originally, but non of them are available through the T&C Toyota employee discount, which I really want to use.

    Right now I've stopped at BFGoodrich KDW NT II, but I'm open to opinions.
  11. T1Rs perform just about the same as my exclaim UHPs, yet are way more expensive and dont last as long. I have nothing but praise for these tires. Theyre fantastic on the street.

    they arent track tires, and arent meant to be, but if you ever need more grip than they can land you on the street, you shouldnt have a liscence. very predictable too.
  12. Kirkland All season.
  13. I find KDWS in 245/45/17 for about $150 new all the time, so you can probably get 225/18 for about that much and 245/18 for 20 or so more.

    They're kinda boring looking compared do KDW2, but I like 'em. My fronts are on 30k mi and they've still got tread to spare. Wet traction is decent but the rear slides easy if I goose it, which is to be expected (350bhp, rwd)
  14. My R888s just arrived.
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    KDW2 is what I was talking about, 155.86 a piece for the front, and 169.01 a piece for the back, throught T&C Toyota.

    How much do they usually retail for?

    Here are the discount tire prices:

    EDIT: 1010tires have some JACKED UP prices.
  16. BFG g-Force Sport
  17. I like Goodyears Eagle F1.
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  19. for street tires?

    if so: such a complete waste.
  20. How so?
  21. Remember that he's a auto-Xer or something.
  22. theyre horribly expensive and wear horribly fast. Theyre also loud and uncomfortable.

    if youre autoxing, just swap wheels before ya go. No point in doing 90% of your wear on the street.
  23. And I do trackdays. Doesnt mean I use my hoosiers on the street.
  24. I've been driving on R compound tires daily (3 seasons) since 1988. I find it to be a cost effective way to improve performance compared to buying a more expensive car.

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