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  1. Seriously, **** them high voltage transport lines. I modified my training ride path today and hopped under Hydro Quebec's high voltage transport line, either 735 or 415 kV. I shocked myself like 5 times, very uncomfortable.

    I knew you could light up a neon light from these lines but not my own balls, jeez.
  2. Trying electro stimulation, eh?
  3. not THAT old
  4. I was expecting and hoping the first post was simply

    "Fuk you and get off my road!"
  5. I tow my kids around in a bicycle cart so I can't be that guy anymore
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  6. Paging fishes
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  7. Is that an overhead that's shocking you???
  8. Wut. If i go mountainbiking i pass several high voltage lines, i only hear some buzzing, that's it.

    What kind of devil torture power lines are you running in poutinecountry
  9. what kind of third world country leaves that stuff exposed
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  10. I tweeted to HQ and they told me lol its normal checkout this press article later

    Was feeling dumb
  11. Here we put the transport lines
    Then primary roads
    Thwn houses around the lines

    Makes for ugly as **** landscapes
  12. They actually run fucking insane power lines in Quebec. Typical overhead transmission is ~250 to 400 kV direct current. Quebec runs 750 kV alternating current. Every three-phase carrier transmits as much power as a quartet of typical high-voltage DC lines, and Hydro-Quebec will stack a half-dozen on a single right-of-way. And the lines are long. Quebec generates its power in hydrostations more than a thousand kilometers north of Quebec City and Montreal.

    Hydro-Quebec's electric transmission system is an IEEE Milestone.
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  13. Exactly my thoughts!
  14. what a shitty country
    post a photo of your brutal landscape

    here in america we have a real eye for aesthetics
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  15. <

    quick example here. Pretty much on all of our main highway (this is a national park) such as 20, 30, 40, 132, 55, 175, etc.


  16. thats a lot of xmas trees
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  17. You have hills. Whoa
  18. I don't get how you get zapped by those.
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  19. that national park is awesome to drive through, during winter its hell (it can snow until june, while outside the park its 20c) and there are a lot of curves, hill and descents.

    back in the days it was a single road with concurrent traffic separated only by a yellow line.
  20. I hear that the break-even distance for HVAC/DC lines is 500-600 km. Why did they choose to build such long AC lines?

    What sort of rectifiers can be used for such high voltages?

    Is the zap-effect described by Drano a result of electromagnetic induction?
  21. It has to do with loss and size of cables also
  22. DC develops a field once, AC is continuous(well not really but it does every time it switches direction sixty times a second).

  23. a speedbump is a hill to a dutchman

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