To all the haters, and die hard fans

Discussion in '2002 Ferrari Enzo' started by ferrarif50fire, Dec 3, 2004.

  1. ok , weve all heard the shit aobut hey this car can beat it on this , oh the MC F1 is faster,oh the challenger could beat some of this, and how ferrari fans dont want to accept it. hers my philosiphy... yes its true we dont want to except it becasue for a very simple reason.. ferraris are always built to be supercars... they arnt built for the every day stop and go life ... when we see a ferrari on this website or on the streets we always expect it to do amazing things, and when it gets beat by something else we go " how the hell did that happen" and we make up excuses for it becasue we dont want to see what was meant to be a fast,agile,high horse power, kind of car get shown up by something that is made by a company such as Ford(no disrespect what so ever to them) in which ( i amy be wrong about this so forgive me) 80% of the cars they make are designed to jsut get you from point A to point B. and when they all of a sudden come out of nowhere with an amazing car we get jealous sorta becasue we dont want to see a company that we see everyday on the road and also have a car that designs a vehicle that can well kick a ferrari's ass we jsut ahte to see it casue in our minds its not right.. i think thats the issue with most of jsut try and understand that the reaosn we always wnat to be the best is casue thats what theese cars are designed for... also to you ppl that say hey the MC F1 is faster and all that fisrt off you cant compare cars on jsut speed .. there is so much more involved.. such as torque,power output, Acceleration, weight, downforce, Horsepower, and yes Top Speed. Also all this depends on what your racing ti on... is it a drag or a circut.. or a sprint or what. and also it depends on say how long the track is for the drag race and what types of turns and stright aways are involed in a circut or sprint.. so its so much more detailed than ppl think.. im not taking sides here but jsut think before you post a bullshit topic about hwo yours is better and priovide some evidence..... personally i think the Enzo is a great car.. and so is the charger, the Porsche GT, the Mclaren( although i dont liek mclaren i respect it for what it does on the track) Bugattis, Mercedes , i respect them all cause they all have there strengths and weaknesses and although one car maybe the best at say top speed you can almost guarantee its oing to be beaten at another subject such as teh acceleration or torque or something... so yea tell me what you guys think.. thanx
  2. First off, i hella agree
    second of all, those who say MC F1 is faster and brag about it like nothin, yallz a bunch of dumbasses.
    uz takin a Mil + dollar car and comparing it to a 600,000 dollar car.
    Yea, give ferrari a mil and, sorry, but the MC-F1 would look like a 1987 ford escort on the track compared to that, so just remember.
    Know somethin bout cars before you decide to jump in and talk shit, cuz in realz, yallz dont know what ta fu** uz takin bout.
  3. you're an idiot

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