To drive for a whole day (10 cars to choose from)

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  1. To drive for a whole day

    If you can pick one of these to drive for a whole day on your favorite roads, which one are you going to pick?

    These 10 cars are among the most exotic and focused sportscars built in the past 25 years. They are either street legal race cars, or the most pure and focused road cars. I wish I can include a few more, but there are only 10 choices available.
  2. CLK GTR, especially if it was the roadster
  3. CCXR Trevita is all I would need, but from this list it would be the F1 LM.
  4. F40. Some of the stuff on this list would be obnoxiously uncomfortable to drive for a full day. If comfort isn't a factor, then Caparo T1.
  5. Answer: Ferrari F40.

    Reason: I would most likely kill myself in all the other cars on that list.
  6. I talked with a F40 owner once. He said his car is actually quite comfortable for a supercar, the ride quality is decent and you can cover some long distances in it. But the car does take some good skills to be driven quickly.
  7. McLaren F1 LM thanks
  8. Either the Dauer or the Speed 12, simply due to the incredible rarity and brutal speed.
  9. LM, just to say I did.

    and it would be epic
  10. F1 because in my mind it is still the king of the supercars, you can keep your Koenigseggs and Veyrons...
  11. Pretty much exactly what my answer was going to be, although the same applies to the F1.
  12. McLaren. I've already driven a couple cars on that list but I have yet to see an F1.
  13. Which one? Give me the Big Mac.
  14. Montverdi, exclusivity, mystery.
  15. quite a tough list to choose from.. torn between the F40, F1 and Speed 12, went for F1 in the end.
  17. No love for the CLK GTR? just don't get stuck in stop and go traffic
  18. Has to be the F1 LM, all other opinions are void.
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    1clk gtr

    i love the clk gtr, especially after i saw it irl. same car i saw
  20. Mercedes CLK GTR
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    It looks the most awesome from the side. IMO the most exotic looking car from the 90's.

    I remember back in the old days looking at the CLK GTR gallery every time I play NFS3.
  22. You wouldn't manage to drive it for a whole day. It'd kill you in the first corner.

    I say F1 LM but why have you posted two 962s?? And why isn't there the Veyron? That'd be my choice. Or the Enzo. Or the F50.
  23. most of these cars I wouldn't like to drive for a whole hour...

    You forgot the Maserati MC12 Corsa EDO Competion in your street legal racingcar list....

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