to heavy and no balls

Discussion in '1970 Plymouth Road Runner Superbird 440' started by BIGBLOCK454LS6, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. this is #$%#ing gay ass car a that sucks ass
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    this car with a 427 chevy and same compression ratios,
    4 barrel intake,4 barrel carb,th-400 tranni
    will move this car alot better

    suck my GM exuast
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    How can you say that?!
    This is one fantastic muscle-car!
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    copo camaro SS w/edelbrock 641 cfm carb
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    Edelbrock doesn't make a 641 cfm carb.

    No Chev 427 or 454, for that matter, could keep up with a Hemi 'Bird. Sorry.
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    this car was made for nascar. To do that, you have to produce atleast 500 (im pretty sure thats the number)for the public to be able to race it in nascar
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    It's obvious you love GM cars, hell I love them too but, I don't believe you should be here if you want to talk crap...If you want to talk GM cars... 1973 Pontiac Trans Am with the 455 superduty is THE BEST! remember that!
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    No balls!! This thing Dominated NASCAR, with spots 1,2,and 3!! Think before you type buddy!!
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    Mate, its got bigger balls then yours.
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    Hey dude! I'm a chevy guy myself but you gotta give it to Mopar man!!
    The Superbird and the Charger Daytona represent Detroits finest for sure!!
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    Yeah I got a dream machine from the promised land
    Got a 71 trans am
    Got a Hurst T-stick in my hand
    Borg Warner 4-speed says I can
    Do the standing 1/4 mile in 12.5
    Run it through bring tears to your eyes
    Edelbrock high rise manifold
    Zero to 70 in 7.0

    - Radio Birdman
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    The guy that started this post is abvioulsy uneducated in the area of muscle cars. only an idiot would dare disrespect a hemi mopar. no real enthusiast bashes the hemi. learn sum thing about cars before you post again please. itll make the whole world a better place to not have to listen to your ignorant comments.
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    Yeah man, you're right, cos like I said earlier, I'm a Chevy Guy myself but even a hardcore Chevrolet fan has to respect the old Mopars and especially the 426 Hemi!
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    Ill take a line from one of the greatest movies made "Vanishing Point"

    "Take the Chevy? Boy the only way to catch a Mopar, is with a Mopar."
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    He he, Yeah, but watch out for the old GM 454 though <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    I'm not sure 454s would do a better job...

    You have to keep in mind the fact that the 426 was banned from racing.

    And most of today's NHRA cars use hemi engines... easily tune-able to ungodly ammount of power...

    Plus I love the sound of hemis much more than chevys.
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    i bet you own a civic with a noisy muffler and a fat wing huh, dude your such an idiot.
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    You're #$%#ing gay.
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    This engine gets it going 0-60 in 5 seconds ish and its powerful, plus it 1/4's in 12.8 w/ this engine. AMERICAN MUSCLE ROCKS! + it has 425 bhp and 490 pnd. ft. of tourqe! This thing is a Monster and my favorite car of all time.
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    This car was in production only one year, 1970 the reason why they stop making it because in the first place, Plymouth only made them for NASCAR. After the 1970 (or 71 dont remember) NASCAR banned all winged cars. They did this because the superbirt was 24 out of 26 races. No balls huh. The HEMI was the next thing to be banned in NASCAR cause ford and chevy guys cried cause they were getting their asses kicked every sunday. Thats why dodge wasnt in NASCAR until the 2001 season. Next time you plan on making a forum, make sure u know what the hell ur talking about. O yea, if you take the wing and the nose off of the bird, its just the body of a 1970 Plymouth Roadrunner or Satelight
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    Terrible that they only made 1,942. Its the body of a cornet w/ a nose and huge spoiler. And its Satelite. just to letcha know.
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    you gm people are funny your 427 1.has no rod ratio near the hemi

    2. no 427 or any gm had heads that could flow like hemi heads
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    i thought a gm guy would like the 4 bbl intake with a 2 bbl card..
  24. Listen, bud, this car is a legend. There are records of them pulling 6's and 5's at the track. They were built for aerodynamics. Sure the wings supposed to be low, not high. But that only adds to it's distinct look. These things are legends with engines that knock down children 40 feet away. So please, it may be heavy but it's got balls alright. These are considered ugly in most people's eyes but I consider it a car past it's age. How many cars today can run 5's or 6's? Not many that arn't dragsters I belive. Kudos to the Bird.
  25. Great Car ............

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