To the Americans

Discussion in '2003 Maybach 62' started by lurbo, Nov 23, 2002.

  1. You are saying that what you matter more about a car is the torque not anything else.Haha the Maybach has the biggest torque in the world and it's not american, it's German, you are LOSERS anyways(because as you see there isn't any american car that has the biggest torque in the world).BIN LADEN was right to destroy the twin towers he should destroy whole USA.
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    you are a #$%#ing sick person. how could you say that? do you know how much pain us americans felt on that day? 3000 innocent people died on september 11th. Hopefully you will die in a slow and horrific way that brings you as much pain as possible. you are trash. you are the lowest #$%#ing piece shit i have ever seen on this earth. why do people like you exist? you can go suck a big fat al quaeda dick mother#$%#er.
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    Probably you don't realise how much people you americans have killed!In Serbia, Afghanistan, Vietnam so please SHUT THE **** OFF YOU DON"T HAVE THE RIGHT TO TELL ALL THESE THINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    How many peoples have you killed you FUCKING americans in Nagasaki-Heiroshima?.......................Reason?
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    Answer now you mother#$%#er sonuvabitch!
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    to 90legend:nothing to say hah?!
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    By attacking Pearl Harbor, the Japanese invited us into a war. Obviously, they didn't think that they would lose, but they did. Acts of war such as Nagasaki-Heiroshima are in no way comparable to what happened on September 11. While acts of war are still not excusable, they aren't unjustified, the attacks on the twin towers were. To say that the USA didn't have it coming is foolish, to say that those innocent people deserved to die is even more so.
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    Well it is not comparable because in September 11 3000innocent people died.In Nagasaki-Heiroshima 2000000people died and are still diing.If Osama Bin Laden killed 3000people America killed more THAN 2000000 PEOPLE.SHAME ON YOU,YOU ARE THE WORST TERRORISTS,THE MOST STUPID PEOPLE IN THE EARTH!!!!!!!!!And in Serbia you killed more than 10000people and do you know for which REASON?FOR PEACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!**** YOU ALL AMERICANS YOU SHOULD DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Rs4man has a point here... American killed innocent people a lot more than american innocent people has been killed...

    anyway, I don't support any of these acts, whoever is doing them...


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