To the ferrari fans...........

Discussion in '2002 Ferrari Enzo' started by Benetton B186 Mk5a, Feb 23, 2004.

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    bast car in the world
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    Dude you're a retard.
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    ......Well that was some fun ass shit to read
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    Then again if you do some mods on the suspension, tyres and engine of the Modena it will AGAIN leave the Challenger behind. You see the problem with what you said is that you're now tuning your Challenger. I agree, with the right amount of work ANY car can beat a Modena, the problem is that it WON'T be the same production car, will it?

    I am a Ferrari fanatic, but don't get me wrong - I do agree there are cars out there that can outperform Ferraris. But what you wrote isn't exactly right, as I have pointed out. And if the price is concerned... you see it's not only the pure performance and materials that you pay for in a Ferrari. It's the passion, the love put into these cars in over 50years of racing and road history. You might say "yeah, well Ford (or whatever American producer) has been making cars much longer". I agree, but NEVER had such emotions accompanied these cars as the profound feelings that are connected with Ferraris. These cars are SO MUCH MORE than just performance...
  5. benettone, i agree with some of it the rest are shits
  7. ALL OF YOU FERRARI HATERS: HAVE A NICE, LONG, PAINFUL DEATH BECAUSE FERRARI IS KING OF ALL CARS. YOU SHOULD ALL BURN IN HELL. And on a more positive note, muscle cars have a lot of horsepower and torque, but weigh as much as Fat B*stards craps. Ferraris, with the same and even some with a lot more wiegh only as much as a hunk of corn in Fat B*stards crap. Therefore, FERRARI WILL KILL EM ALL!!!!!!!!
  8. heyyyy... chill out. You can reckon with people on a more peaceful note.
  9. ya that was pretty ronchi////

    anyways..a note to polecat...yu suck cock

    i can not believe yu havnt noticed ferrari is a legendary car maker, not a lets-beat-everything car maker. Ya sure, GM is having a great couple seasons with there vettes, but the vette is american. They are crappy unreliable and everyman and his dog has a vette....nothing will ever be better than a Ferrari
  10. Noble M12 GTO vs Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale this is the correct comparison.
  11. 97 super z if your calleing em a retard, your pretty pathetic, because i actually have some qualification to know what the #$%# every single thing means in those charts at the beginning of the forum, i am a mechanical engineer, shut the #$%# up unless your qualified.
  12. hes so right it aint funny
  13. Who cares? A Ferrari is a Ferrari, and the Noble just doesn't carry any weight, period.
  14. hes so right it aint funny
  15. All i have to say is....excelent post. 10/10

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