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  1. I mined a bunch of Dogecoins during the first few weeks it was released 3 or so years ago. They were worth little for a long time then suddenly now? I don't even know why. Such money!
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  2. Probably because drugs
  3. Bitcoin nearly doubled its value in a fortnight. News say that some entities in China are hoarding cryptocurrencies.

    Go Dogecoin!
  4. Any idea why they are buying them? My doge have risen in value from $200 to $5000 in the last few months. When bitcoin was new everyone was excited when it went from 1 cent to a couple of dollars with many selling them, despite being a huge rise it ended up being a really dumb time to sell
  5. If true I'd imagine a big sell off soon.

    I had 10 bitcoin back when it was like 1 for $1. Then the hard drive got fried. :(
    Then I bought about $100 worth about 2 years ago then sold it when the price didn't budge for about 3 months. :mad:
  6. I'm sure I read recently that Dogecoin was dead?
  7. I still have bitcoins I mined in 2010, I'm holding them for ever, either I will be rich in 2020s or bitcoin will die for some reason.
  8. Doge cannot die. Such immortality!
  9. Oi Lizardmech, do you know how I can redeem some bitcoin that are stuck in the blockchain?
  10. Do you have the wallet.dat file?
  11. some people I know are making a living out of BC mining (60+ GPUs)
  12. Yes.
  13. You're going to have to install bitcoin core and download the 130gb of blockchain. Just copy your wallet.dat into the new installation. You wont be able to access it until you have the 130gb blockchain.
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  14. I have been mining verium for a while and since it has trippled value I cant seem to mine anymore :( too many miners I guess
  15. time to buy a few dozen GTX1080s
  16. How to download the blockchain and install bitcoin core?
  17. its CPU mining here, guess I'm totally out of the game with my 24x 3.5ghz cores
  18. Much bubble. Gonna crash soon.
  19. Yep, China is about to make serious $ when they dump the crypto $ they've been hoarding.
  20. Download bitcoin core off the bitcoin website, launch it and wait for it to synchronize.
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  21. Thanks a ton, it worked!
  22. I'm curious if bitcoin (or something similar) will ever achieve the status of money, as opposed to a simple medium of exchange. Right now it's too volatile to be either a unit of account or a store of value. Money produced by nation-states acquire their stability through the tax system; the amount of labor in a state is going to change very predictably, denoted in a money supply that can be controlled, and by measuring all government actions in that currency, and as a fraction of the labor in the economy, a very clear picture of the value of a currency can be established with or without a specie.

    Bitcoin essentially has none of these things. It's very useful today as a medium of exchange, but usually for things whose value is denoted in terms of traditional state-backed currency. Its value is set in essence by its own liquidity. The question is if the market of bitcoin transactions will ever become large, stable, and consistent enough for its value to become steady and predictable as a form of money.
  23. It's already the reserve currency for crypto trading. Generally they're all priced in satoshi (one hundred millionth of a bitcoin) it's rare to see them valued in fiat.
  24. Denomination is not the same as value. The ratio of material goods or labor to denomination is value, and bitcoins is volatile.
  25. it will, in USA #1, four decisions were taken in that sense (recognized as money). Canada is just plainly retarded in these regards and slow as **** in deciding anything.

    SEC v Shavers
    United States v Farella
    United States v Ulbricht
    Florida v Espinoza

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