Today I Become a TSCM: Part 1

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  1. So there is a Porsche Bosxter here, '02, white. Tiptronic.

    Blowing a metric #$%# tonne of smoke out the exhaust. Not overfilled.
    Been told by someone it could be the headgasket.

  2. what do the oil tubes look like?
  3. also when does it blow white smoke? and is there a god awful grinding noise when the engine is running?
  4. Oil pressure is fine, hasn't dropped coolant or anything.
    Highly doubt it's the headgasket
  5. no grinding. and wtf are oil tubes. This porsche shit is wizardry
  6. try the air oil separator. they're made of plastic and tend to go fairly regularily
  7. smoking from start up. Basically continous
  8. take a look at the AOS. do you know how to get to the engine cover?
  9. Turns out is going through a bit of water
  10. interesting. I'd pull the plugs to make sure.

    just ignore the annoying guy in the video
  11. watching this video now. dont' take those ball and socket cables off at the top take them off of the body of the car. far far easier
  12. also make sure the coolant isn't leaking out of a cracked reservoir container in the trunk
  13. Cheers mate, much maple syrup for you!
  14. anytime. also if you don't find anything with that getting the spark plugs out is easily done if you take the rear tires off. the electrical connectors on the coils are a bit of a #%[email protected] to take off but other then that its fairly easy.

    also if you do take them out take time putting those connectors back on as occasionally you'll think they're on but infact they're being little bastards and they're not on.
  15. did you buyd it
  16. Nah the boss' son did. To his dismay. You could hear the wrenches wanting to be thrown.
    If it's still there on monday I'll pull the back end to bits
  17. this is an enteristing thread I quite enjoyed reading it.

    not even joking
  18. hi supraman
  19. Don't worry replacement Porsche engines are cheap. Oh wait.
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  21. wish I could buy a Porsche and work on it
  22. White smoke = coolant
    black smoke = fuel/maf/map/ecu/injector issues (fuel related usually, or something really catastrophic)
    blue smoke = rings, or oil somehow getting into the combustion chamber

    Should always start with the basics. Change oil, what color is the oil. Check antifreeze/coolant, is there oil in it? are you losing any? Is the ECU throwing codes? Have you done a compression check to isolate the problem to one of the cylinders?
  23. eww a tiptronic boxster .. we used to have a 2012 boxster it was a hoot to drive even if its a bit of a poofs car

  24. czech the tranny

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