Today Was a Good Day...

Discussion in 'Wheelman's Website Forum' started by Panzer, Nov 30, 2006.

  1. The weather was nice, the daily grind at work was varied and went by fast. Had no installs today, just pick up and repair jobs.

    The last job we had, was to drive out to this huge (massive) liquor warehouse in St. Albert. So besides the great scenery, we had to pick up this little baby and deliver it.

    15 year old barrel of Bourbon Whiskey, from a distillery called River Valley. The smell in the back of the truck was so nice. The guy receiving the barrel mentioned that they has such a hard time getting this barrel, and they were ecstatic to be able to place it in their showroom.

    Second picture was taken at the warehouse when the barrel was on the truck so it's pretty crappy. The second one is at the receivers back storage, better lighting for my camera phone.
  2. Damn, that's nice. That stuffs just gonna get smoother and smoother in that barrel...

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