Tom Meade and his Thomassima

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  2. I see a lot of pictures, but that doesn't mean they're hi-res.
  3. i see youre saying something but that doesnt mean the lack of hi res is my fault
  4. Who's this guy? And what's a General Forums guy doing in here?
  5. i post a lot of links with pics in them, but that doesn't mean i post them on
  6. I see 2 different cars...

    One kinda looks like a classic version of a Gillet Vertigo
    The other one looks a bit crazier but less good.
  7. Indeed, it does look a bit like the Vertigo. Never noticed that before.
  8. he made 3 versions of his car, the last (III) being the long one with cobra rims.
  9. HAHAHAHA!!!!!!!

    Look at the 2nd pic in the 8th row down!

    It looks like his dog had to take care of some business!
  10. just FYI, the Thomassima I and Thomassima III are in this. III has the Cobra rims, with the 3 pronged knock off spinner caps, and I doesn't (its not as long)
  11. lol just noticed it

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