Tonka truck! Wooh!

Discussion in '1963 Shelby Competition Cobra 289 Le Mans Hardtop' started by The Elvis, Aug 9, 2002.

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    I can`t say I much like trucks, but if I were to buy one it would be because I need lots of power and huge cargo capacity. This truck has neither. <!-- Signature -->
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    F-350 Tonka Concept vs Monster Turck
    I think I already know the result but even so I will ask to you<!-- Signature -->
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    this thing is sic. it looks cool and can hual at the same time. although i think the motor is a little underpowered for this truck. it needs a big turbo on it. plus i dont think anybody is really going to buy a truck like this to load up some gravel in the back and use it for work. i think this is more like a hummer. people will buy it just for the looks of this beast.
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    Why are you people so concerned with the horsepower of this truck? ummm.... hello, this is not a car, it is the TORQUE that matters here, I mean the torque is like I think twice or in that vicinity of the horsepower, this shit can haul man!
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    Looks cool and beasty but...

    1. Would I need a ladder to get into one.....
    2. Try finding a parking space large enough at the mall during Chrismas period.....
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    I just realised how funny the name HUMMER EATER is. LOL, that's just one big sexual reference right there.
  7. That's a crapload of truck right there. Makes me wanna grow a mullet and buy one.
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    possibly the worst shit ive ever seen, except for the engine and drivetrain
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    Now that is a truck, makes the rest look like go-karts.
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    form the picture it has the length of a bus and the with of smart car, it has old fashioned and ugly styling.
    piece of SH!T<!-- Signature -->
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    That is one tough looking truck.
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    It looks weired yeah, but imagine seeing in ur rear view mirrors coming up behind you, scary shite<!-- Signature -->
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    Tonka... that's a kid's toy company... and they should have just mde this into a toy... nothing actually driveable... it's shit to me<!-- Signature -->
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    Now that is a truck!!!
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    HUMMER EATER this thing will be the death of the hummer... hummers are 96 thousand dollar pieces of shite... god i hope this goes into production... THE GM KILLER... WHERE ARE THE DURAMAX's? I havent seen a duraax on the road IN A LONG TIME <!-- Signature -->
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    why only 350 hp? i find thats not enough for this big thing! the front looks... mhh... high... really like a smart!<!-- Signature -->
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    Are they going to make a dumptruck, too?
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    oooooi could run over civics with one of these <IMG SRC="">
    one large truck, tonka is a kids toy thou...this ain't a kids toy
    <!-- Signature -->
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    lmfao y'alls dun have a clue... this is a hell of a good concept dun rat on it... personally I think it's great but y'alls got a problem if u think it's OLD styling... there's NEVER been styling like that of this truck... and for an F-350 350 Horses are a lot... more than the DURAMAX I believe... n u do some work to this u can pull well over 700 horses... n as for a Hummer Eater... I'll cya at lunch *chomp chomp*
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    350 horspower is a little for a super-600 DIESEL v8...
    PeAcE Ya"ll
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    Kinda reminds me of the MaxCab concept from 2 years ago.... i'm diggin' it tho!
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    This here boys (and girls) is the mother of all trucks!!!
    Great concept, I like!!!<!-- Signature -->
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    Eh, not impressed. It has nice styling, but the engine is crap. Also a 5-speed manual? damn, that sux. Well its not that bad, but I don't think it should be production. Cya in my rear view.
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    This truck isn't special. The style is classic ,old...
    But the engine, what a hell of diesel !!! 350 hp for a diesel, it's amazing. The better diesel engine I know is the benz S400 CDi tuned by brabus: the D8s, 330hp and near 700 of torque.
    I'd rather see this engine in a german sedan than in this heavy truck. But congratulations for the V8, great !<!-- Signature -->
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    It may not be great but it beats the Hummer h2 and ssr in design.

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