too bad its a 'PONTIAC'

Discussion in '2002 Pontiac Solstice Roadster Concept' started by pkripper, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. looks good but the only thing that would top sales is its nameplate.
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    Name one ugly Pontiac car that is in prodution. I did say car cause the Aztec is ugly as hell but its not a car. Although it is more than perfect for what it was designed for. & the Montana is a mini van.
    Grand Am - The car not only looks good but for price it is a great car. Sunfire - cheap sports car for poor people, looks better than other poor people sports cars & they make some fine body mods for them. Grand Pre - woooo thats fine & the GTP is just bad ass. Boniville - sports & luxury all in one beautiful package. Firebird/Trans-am - one of the finest cars ever made & NO car can compete when u compare price to price.
    oh yeah u got me Pontiac makes that Vibe but u must admit its better than a Focus, Echo, etc.
    Whats so bad about the Pontiac name ¿
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    Yeah, I'm going to have to agree that Pontiac's name plate is not bad at all, it just people who give a unreal prejudice towards it because its an american car
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    Dude the sunfire is PURE and totall SIN. It's a horrible machine.
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    bad pontiac designs include the bonneville, sunfire, grand prix, vibe...hell thats all except the firebird, which is canceled so it doesnt count. go to and see how sad their current lineup is. Just cause i diss pontiac don't mean I hate domestics by the way.

    the solstice is the most beautiful and innovative design i've seen by pontiac. this could save the company face like miata did to mazda..
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    ur gay
    pontiac is good u jst dont kno shyt bout cars u #$%#in dick
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    No. Shut up.
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    Some people are so brainwashed, they have no clue........
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    it looks alot like the TWR Touscan from behind. But it's beautifull anyways.
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    pontiacs are getto cars that have poor resale value. This is the only good looking pontiac car currently. Its not overstyled like previous concept pontiacs. When it comes to the real world market, they may need to add a bigger trunk and sacrifice style and weight.
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    Why the hell do most people prejudge cars just cuz they are are a certain make.

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