Too bad, no torque...

Discussion in '1998 Campagna T-REX' started by OldSchool, Aug 9, 2002.

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    Do you even understand the concept of 0 to 60 in 4.1 seconds? It's got enought torque to blast past your minivan. <!-- Signature -->
  2. Re: Too bad, no torque... you REALLY need to get to 60 faster than 4.1 Seconds. You do realize that you'd whip practically anything on the roads? Secondly, with 150ft/lbs of torque, you could have some serious problems with massive wheelspin. Note, this is a single rear wheel car.
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    This is very fast, and can handle very well.<!-- Signature -->
  4. If this car had any torque, it would fly! With me as the driver and a full tank of gas, the thing probably weighs 1100lbs, so 100 or 150 lb-ft would accelerate me to 60 in 3.0-3.5 seconds. I'd like to see a supercharger on that motorcycle engine!<!-- Signature -->
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    And Id like to see some swagger in that step<!-- Signature -->
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    Who cares about torque? Torque is simply converted spin from the wheels, and has nothing to do with acceleration. Horsepower is for acceleration. Torque is for towing.
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    Torque is very important...
    Torque is the rotating force of the motor
    basicly it's what makes your motor gain rpms.
    If a motor has alot of rpms but little torque it makes a weak acceleration. On the other hand if you have very little rpms but lots of torque you can expect the motor to climb to red line much faster... but hey, that's without puting the car in gear. A motor that has alot of rpms will have much higher gear ratios anyways so the car can accelerate the same way as a low rev car. Motorcycle engines are made to have high rpm, you can't blame them for having little torque... that's just how they are made!!! Just look at a formula 1 car, they can rev at like 18 000 rpm and with 800hp at the red line who cares what your torque is because the gearing makes those motors rev where the power is. Its the same for this car. High rev, low torque, ok hp, light weight, close ratio gear box makes a smoking 0-60 in 4.1 sec. And that's what counts.
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    Old school
    if he is driveing the Renault Espace F1 for a minivan He would smoke this thing and most of the other cars out there. to bad it is only a concept.
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    Torque is far far far more important than hp
    if you get two cars with equal hp and different torque the one with higher torque will be faster
    hp has nothing to do with acceleration
    torque is the actual power you are moving the car with
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    Why would this car need torque! It weighs absolutely nothing. Motorcycle engines dont need torque cause the hole friggen bike put 2gether weighs like 500lb lol
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    Quote from KoenigMan
    Who cares about torque? Torque is simply converted spin from the wheels, and has nothing to do with acceleration. Horsepower is for acceleration. Torque is for towing.

    oh my god
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    like the other guy said, more torque would mean more wheelspin! It would contradict itself
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    but u could also argue that 2 cars with equal torque but different hp, the one with the higher hp will beat the other one, but really its about were the hp is, for best acceleration u want it in the bottom end and mid-range, but for high speed output u want it in toprpm, its not jsut about hp its about where ur hp is
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    this thing is soooo light that it barley needs any torque man
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    t-rex rules
  17. you suck at life.
  18. enormous piece of shit
  19. OMG, you all must make everything sooo complicated. Here it is simplified.

    -Gets you off the line.
    -Too much torque and ALL you do is spin. You need to plant it right.
    -Hauls you or someone else (by towing him/her) out of a ditch or bog.
    -As for Towing. The BIGGER the engine, the stronger the chassis must be. More Torque was made and now has to be harnessed right. Suspension must be upgraded to no bottom out on lifting/towing heavy loads.

    -Gets you down the track.
    -Certain cars have it hit @ a better RPM than others.
    -Some have a better top speed than the rest.
    -A Twin Turbo can give you 2 shots of HP but at different times. Great for Racing, going for HIGH HP #'s, NOT good for drifting as it will throw you out of balance.
    - A quote: "The beauty of top end."
  20. Horsepower is a function of torque and angular velocity (rotation speed). The torque measured at the flywheel of the engine is not an accurate way of measuring performance because it does not equal the torque measured at the wheels. Horsepower remains constant throughout the entire drivetrain because in any given gear, if the angular velocity is lower than that of the flywheel, the torque in that gear will be greater than the torque in the flywheel, and vice versa. Nonetheless, when multiplied together, you will get the horsepower which will be the same as the horsepower at the flywheel. So yes, car makers can take advantage of higher rpm engines by altering the gear ratios to put more torque to the wheels without sacrificing the maximum speed of the car versus the same engine/car with lower max rpms (a good real life example would be the rsx type-s and the standard rsx). Therefore the max horsepower is a more proper way of measuring an engines performance than the max torque. While the amount of max torque an engine is not important, the torque curve is. You guys pretty much covered those reasons except the "torque is for towing" thing. again, the amount of torque the engine puts out is irrelevant. towing capacity is determined by how much is going to the wheels as the truck starts to move. so you want a torque curve that favors the lower rpm's. but of course you have to still be able to reach a certain max speed.

    kinda went a little crazy with this but i had a heated arguement with one of my friends about this a while ago and hes really stubborn and refused to agree, so when i stumbled over this thread i just had to vent a little bit.

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