Too bad we didnt get the Toyota Soarer

Discussion in '1996 Lexus SC400' started by Lil Robbie, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. I wish we would have gotten the Toyota Soarer in North America (Same body but it had the engine of the Twin Turbo Supra (2JZGTE). It would be stupid fast and I prefer the looks of it to the Supra.<!-- Signature -->
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    actually it snot exactly the supra engine, its a baby supra engine ei. its been reduced to a 2.5 twin turbo for duties in the soarer, the chaser, the mark II and the aristo. i believe everything is the same exept the crank and the computer.
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    No the motor hasnt been reduced, its just a 1JZGTE which is a 2.5litre twin turbo inline 6 that was in the MK3 Supra.(not the one on this site)
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    Nice choice in cars supraman. Did you know that a supercharger is being made for this car, first car is already out w/ some pretty good numbers. Soarer in Japan V8 has had a supercharger for a long time, and the V8s had lots and lots of options that are just being put on cars here now, power folding mirrors, all three mirrors chrystalize, air suspension, gps, reverse camera. Supercharger will put the car at I think it is 345 RWHP w/ 8psi. Nice improvement in my opinion.
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    Supercharger on this car would be mad! Alot of power.
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    It is true that the 1JZ-GTE and 2JZ-GTE have many interchangable componenets, but another main difference between the two motors is that the 2JZ featured a sequential twin turbo set up but the 1JZ did not.
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    This car IS the Toyota Soarer. Toyota does not use the Lexus brand in Japan. Soarers were available with N/A 4 litre V8's, the twin turbo 2.5 litre straight six and later a N/A 3 litre inline six (out of the GS300). The turbos aren't really that fast, there were some rather rare 5 speed manuals produced, but these are a heavy car.
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    The Turbo Soarer's not fast ?
    What are you smoking champ ?

    Let's look at the stats of the Turbo Soarer.
    Manual Soarers 1/4mile = 14.0 Seconds
    365nm Torque

    This means that the Turbo Soarer is faster than any stock 200SX, Standard WRX or MR2.

    How can you tell me that the Turbo Soarer is slow ?
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    Hi guys.
    I just found this site, and as I own a Soarer I thought I would look to see what you are all up to.
    I noticed a link here to the LSOC for spares for this car, strange I thought, as the forum on that site has been closed for the last few months, and although the shop is still open, the site has passed away.

    This is not an attempt to break any club rules, nor to spam.

    But the reason why the LSOC clossed was because all the members moved to the new club. I dont want to post the club details until I am given permission. I have looked for a link that says, " report this post to a moderator" or contact us, but where is it.
    So, If I get a e/m telling me to go away, I'll know it was wrong to ask <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>.

    This club is UK based, has ALL the information on this car, including 1000's of pictures of the members cars, tech info, fault finding problems, and a long list of conversion work that has been done buy the members.
    There is a club shop that boast loads of mods for the car, including all the regular parts.

    I will check back later to see if I have been deleted, or asked to post the name.

    Take a look at my collection, I have since sold the middle 2.5 TT

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    Re: Too bad we didnt get the Toyota Soarer

    The JDM Soarer is a different car to the US SC300/400, although they share the same bodyshell the option list from Japan is almost endless. The Twin Turbo uses the 2.5Ltr 1JZ-GTE engine with full time parallel turbos, the active suspension/4wheel steer UZZ32 Soarer is one of the most advanced cars to come from Japan and it was built in 1991!

    If you want more info on the Soarer see the following links;

    My TT Soarer;
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    Well, that sort of answers my question <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    kinda quite here, my last post was 3/4 days ago.
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  14. Re: Too bad we didnt get the Toyota Soarer


    this car has a 1uzfe...

    1uz can handle more hp than a 2jz easily
  15. Re:

    Man, if you guys think a 14 second car is fast. Then your really smoking crack. My 89 trans am GTA does 14's flat in the 1/4 stock. Low 13's with nothing but traction mods. (tires, anti-hop bar ect... and exhaust and cai of course, but everybody with a $800+ car does that). Add nos, 150 shot (and itll hold just fine even dry shot). And you your in the 12's. My buddy even made it into 11's like that. And we BOTH have auto's, and get 21-22mph in the city.

    I love the sc400. Im trying to by one as we speak (Hard to find the right one) But im buying a reliable, "sporty" car. Not a fast car. A car the feels like a well oiled machine and not a guided rocket that eats a litre of oil for breakfast.

    Oh forgot to mention. The GTA is 4200lbs wet stock w/o driver. Im 6"3 200+. And it has a full sound system (subs amp ect..) probably weighs more like 4400lbs race ready. I even race with a full tank of gas. I can also outhandle a lot of cars. Any modern civic or mazda3. s2000's m3's any porche will slay me tho. But ill get em in the straits. Only race i ever lost was to a modded s4. Ive beat civic, new trans ams, mustangs (80's and early 90's), preludes, s2000's, 325's. 540's, i even smoked a 911 turbo (97) but i think the driver sucked (a chick) she shifted way to early.
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  17. Re: Too bad we didnt get the Toyota Soarer

    cant put up a picture, Oh well, all the pics are on that link.
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