Too much for Ford to handle...

Discussion in '1993 Nissan Skyline GT-R Prototype' started by 500from505, Dec 27, 2004.

  1. After all this talk about Ford's upcomming 500bhp Lightning, Ford decided they were not going to compete with Dodge, and canned the project all together. As a Dodge man, this is definately good news in my eyes. It's damn good to hear this after a year of listening to Henry Ford nuthuggers say their new truck was going to blow this Ram out of the water. Karma, gotta love it.
  2. Hey dork, you just wait and see the 500 hp lightning will come into production and whn it does it'll say bye bye to all other sport trucks. Don't get me wrong I like what dodge did to their ever popular ram series. It's just that I would prefer a ford with "rugged dependability", rather than something "different".
  3. I don't think Ford's engineers were afraid of the Ram, I think Ford's bean counters were afraid of the developement cost of another big money, low production vehicle. This Ram kicks ass! Imagine what will happen when Henessy get's their hands on it...
  4. Say what you want about it, the SRT-10 Ram will beat your car. Thats right, a truck will beat your car.
  5. ford wimped out.they would rather cancel production than be embarassed by dodge by yet another vehicle...cant blame ford for that
  6. The only reason why Ford is not in on this is because they can't afford it.
  7. dodge will always make the best engines and best trucks oh and i've been in lightnings they may be fast but their is no replacement for displacement
  9. i am a ford guy but i do agree that the srt/10 is the best truck out there
    i just wanna know the weight. does anyone know?

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