too sexy for the road

Discussion in '2006 Pagani Zonda F Roadster' started by Arta NSX, Feb 14, 2006.

  1. wayyyyy to sexy
  2. wayyy to ugly :\
  3. die.
  4. WTF are you doing here then? Go join a Ford forum or something.
  5. and that behemoth in your avatar is sexy? okay...

    i usually say arguing about looks is pointless, and i stand by it, because noone should ever argue that any pagani is ugly
  6. hahahaha!!!!! hilarious!!!! nice one!! behemoth!!!!


    *rofl like a pig in mud*

    back to the issue at hand, this car rocks. i like that colour. nonetheless, i wouls still like a hard-top.

    but as a anti-openroof supporter, this machine is very good looking.
    well done pagani! keep up the awsome work!
  7. WTF ?????????? ARE U SERIOUS. ARE U SICK ????????/ UR CRAZY
  8. If I'm not careful I'm going to start drooling on my computer. That car is beautiful!!!!
  9. And I take it that box on wheels which is your avatar is beautiful?

    You wouldn't know beautiful if it gave you repeated kicks in the ass, and spit in your face.

    What the hell is wrong with you!?!?!?!?!
  10. technically, there is no colour. It's unpainted carbon fibre. But, yea I agree, it looks amazing (everything) and even though I don't like Roadsters, the Pagani Roadsters have all been beautiful.
  12. It doesnt need paint, just adds weight. It's so lovely.
  13. hey Tecfan1, I have an advice for you: get a life!!

    I think this a great car. And the carbon fiber color gives it a cool spirit. Just simply love it
  14. GORGEOUS! My eyes are underserving of it's beauty.
  15. STFU
  16. it's a #$%#ing god to me!! All hale pagani zonda!!!
  17. It is so sexy! A future classic!!
  19. Enzo who...?
  20. Heheh.
  21. you got a citroen ax, i had one, then it died
  22. You're really gonna tell someone else to get a life? You're posting here just like him...
  23. wtf?
  24. the clearcoat they use would probably weigh just as much as the paint

    it isn't actually totally bare carbon
  25. he made a joke?

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