Took a trip to the Marconi Museum today...

Discussion in 'Car Pictures' started by Avtech WX3, Apr 4, 2006.

  1. I went down today (despite the massive rain) with one of my best friends and it was quite awesome! Here's some pics from the trip:
  2. that jag is easily one of the sexiest cars ever...shame they didn't produce it
  3. Yeah, I was shocked to see it there. I didn't know that he had one of the only two in existence.
  4. you are so lucky!!!
  5. I believe that there was an american company that converted XKR's into xk180
  6. Man that XK180 is #$%#ing awesome.
  7. hey Ace were is this museum at? i wanna take a look.
  8. OMG that Xk180 is my favorite concept EVER and you saw a ferrari FX on top of it i officially hate you right now. ANd where is that so i can take a look.

    edit: and what is the name of the Ferrari 456 convertable (venice?)
  9. I think Venice was the 456 wagon, i might be wrong.
  10. No, you'd be right
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    All three variations of 456's made for the Sultan were labeled "Venice".

    The museum is in Tustin, CA.

  12. good to know thanks again pelton
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    Thanks for posting that. I was just about to. On you way over there you'll get another treat: Lamborghini of Orange County is right along the way! Just call to make an appointment and bring a $5 donation and you're free to tour about. It's an awesome place made for an awesome purpose.

    If I go in the near future, I'll be sure to snap more XK180 pics. I didn't know it was that popular!
  14. It must be nice to own 2 F50s!
  15. I was thinking about going back, but seeing that nothing has changed, I will just let it be. I love the Pantera, my favorite car of that collection
  16. dude, sweet pics, fx, xk180, moroder... wow sweet
  17. When I clicked this thread, I expected/hoped to see a bunch of glued macaroni pictures.. I'm dissapointed in you..
  18. Thats a euro F40 ..

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