Top 10 Japanese Tuner Engines

Discussion in 'Asian Forums' started by Ferrarista01, Jul 21, 2006.

  1. What's the best year supra?
  2. Depends on your budget, can you afford a R32/R33/R34 GTR? If so the RB26 is a weapon, if not even your normal GTS-t RB25 has potential and its cheaper.
  3. The 5.6 liter V8 from the titan would be pretty badass and original
  4. Mmmmmm GTR... I hate America. I'm totally going to buy one of the few R32 GTRs that were legally imported before they cut it off. I've seen them go on ebay with uber low miles for like 30-40K. The uniqueness of it makes them worth it in the states IMO.
  5. lets just face facts! a rotary is the best engine, be it 2 rotor, 3 rotor or 4! Rotarys are better! speaking of which, lunch time.

  6. 4g63, been around for how long and still kicks ass?
  7. 80s, and it is the best 4 cylinder of all time EASILY in my opinion. Only one that can touch it is the SR20DET as far as I'm concerned. Not to say there aren't some others out there that are awesome, but those 2 are just strong, cheap, and have HUGE aftermarkets.
  8. GTS-ts don't have RB25DETs.
  9. Um...yes they do
  10. Hey! What about the 350 z? kick ass V6
  11. What does everybody think of the New Eclipse? some nice power and handling!
  12. it's listed as number 10 on the list.

    and the new eclipse, i dunno, reminds me of beyonce.
  13. GTS-ts have a RB20DET
    GTS-25Ts have an RB25DET
    GT-ts have an RB25DET
  14. I love the 2JZ
  15. Well i dont know what you are think off but im talking R33 here.

    Maybe i should have said GTS25T
  16. Indeed you should have.
  17. Im suprized the 3SGTE isnt on there, they are a really good egnine. I made about 300hp out of mine with just a 46 trim turbo, an intercooler, exhaust, and a tune. That was on 91 gas @ 15 psi. I believe the limit on the block is about 700whp. Theres a guy on MR2oc who makes over 500whp with his 3sgte.
  18. I don't get why the RB is so much higher than the 2JZ.
  19. 2JZ tromps on everything else in that list, and i'm a honda man
  20. Just thinking what about the RX-8 engine?

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